WooHoo! The Latest Alexa Ratings Are In

I’m pleased to inform my loyal readers that, thanks to their continued support, Bulldog Pundit continues to dominate the New Jersey conservative political website niche – even though this isn’t a conservative advocacy website, but a vanity blog.

You’ll be pleased to see the fruit of your support below: the hater blogs continue to lose their audience as mine continues to grow – and all of this just shy of 80 days from the day I launched Bulldog Pundit on July 4. Not bad for a “racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, socialist-loving, $2 Bayshore blogging whore,” no?

Thank you again and God bless you all

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3 Responses to WooHoo! The Latest Alexa Ratings Are In

  1. HeleneH says:

    July 4th has proven to be a good day to start something new.

  2. TP109 says:

    And the beat goes on….

  3. Kenny says:

    not bad – it’s safe to say, according to these numbers – that you’re readership is what CWA and CNJ is combined. Way to go.