Will Chris Christie Shy From a 2013 Run?

Like everything else where Gov. Zeppelin’s political moxie is concerned, much will depend on the circumstances he faces – in this case, the odds that Mitt Romney will pick him for the Veep spot as well as the odds that Newark Mayor Cory Booker won’t make a grab for the brass gubernatorial ring. With regard to the former scenario: all the chatter about a Romney-Christie “dream” ticket is just that: chatter.

Christie has proven repeatedly that he has no political coat-tails to speak of in this state, which will obediently follow Obama’s Pied Piper tune this coming November. Romney isn’t even thinking about calling on Christie to be his Veep, because the last person a northeastern governor needs as a running mate is another northeastern governor. You can make book on that.

This leaves Christie with a simple choice: make a run for a second term or call it quits at the end of the first term and become a FOX News pundit.

Gov. Chris Christie said today he hasn’t decided on whether he will run – for governor.

He said that he and his family are surrounded by troopers – whom he described as “nice guys” – and said his family has had to adjust to this lifestyle change.

Even routine events – such as taking his son to a baseball game – turn into a big thing, he told a town hall crowd here.

“There’s no way to be inconspicuous anymore,” he said.

He emphasized that “I drove” here and did not fly in a state helicopter.

He said he will probably make a decision concerning a re-election bid at year’s end.

Christie said the indecision does not stem from any dislike for the job, and didn’t mention at all the possibility of being asked by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to be his running mate.

“I’ve never had a better job in my life,” he said about being governor.

Pure caca de toro. His bombastic, bullying style of governance succeeded only in alienating the Democrats who control both houses of the state legislature. Assuming he will be re-elected in 2013, all he could look forward to is governing the state by wielding his veto pen. And even THAT is a generous assumption, given the very real possibility that Cory Booker will enter the gubernatorial race:

Booker is a shoe-in for the Democrat gubernatorial nomination in 2013. But how will he fare in November? Surely the extremely popular Chris Christie will defeat him – even if by the narrowest of margins, right?

Not necessarily. For all his bluster and braggadoccio, Governor Zeppelin’s only real political power lies in his veto pen: thanks to recent redistricting, the Democrat Party will continue to dominate both houses of the state legislature for the foreseeable future, which is why any elections for the state Assembly or Senate are a worthless joke.

…I predict that Chris Christie will see the writing on the wall and wisely decide not seek re-election (perhaps President Obama, in a gesture of gracious bipartisanship, will off Der Blimpmeister a plum position in his administration – possibly something like Fast-Food Czar).

Future historians will report that the last Republican governor of New Jersey left office not with a bang, but with a bluster and a harrumph.

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4 Responses to Will Chris Christie Shy From a 2013 Run?

  1. HeleneH says:

    Everyone from NJ, PLEASE, call or email the Gov. let him know you do not want Obamacare implemented in NJ. Tell him to veto the NJ Health Benefit Exchange Act. Please do it today. Thank you.

  2. dloosend says:

    Thank you Gov You-tube for convincing me to take whatever i can get for my house so i can flee this failed welfare State like my ass is on fire.

  3. HeleneH says:

    People outside of NJ, please call Christie too. We can use your help. You never know what might be coming your way. Call, email, fax your choice. Thanks.

  4. ChloeVas says:

    Very witty, Gene. “caca de toro,” “Fast Food Czar.” I thought I’d never leave this state, or proximity to NYC, but recently, I’ve sure been entertaining the idea. It’s putting the idea into action that is daunting. I’m learning a whole lot about Jersey Politics from your blog. Thanks.