Where’s the Love?

In the fantasy world the media tries to cultivate, Barack Obama is universally loved. He is the most popular president in modern American history. He is the most “likable” person -ever. Who wouldn’t want to attend a beer summit with the Dear Leader?

You might ask: “Where’s the proof of his popularity?” While his supporters point to his approval ratings, we all know that the proof of the pudding is found in the tasting.

Real Clear Politics shows Obama’s ratings at 45-50% approval for the month of April yet he was booed at the 100th anniversary celebration of Fenway Park on Saturday. That’s right. The lovable, congenial Barack Obama was booed in the liberal bastion of Boston.

Yet, we’re all to believe that his popularity is holding strong. The vast majority of the country is not at odds with his administration and its policies. Everyone’s pleased with the second term of Jimmy Carter. Everyone’s loving the national disaster that is Barack Obama and a Democrat-controlled Senate.

We’re to believe that half the country is okay with the new norm of 8% unemployment – a number that’s much higher in reality but no where to be found among the Bureau of Labor Statistics data. A president that demonizes wealth, profits, free markets, and job creation – swell. Annual trillion dollar deficits – great. Our national credit rating circling the toilet bowel – stupendous. Violence and kidnapping on the border – fabulous. The cultivation of terrorism in Mexico and Central America – awesome.

What’s not to love?

Liberals have so much to get excited about – namely the record of their president – yet they rarely trumpet the “accomplishments” associated with that record. On Sunday, the Huffington Post heralded Obama’s “campaign milestone” – clinching the Democrat nomination. Really? This is an accomplishment? Talk about galvanizing the base:

It’s official: President Barack Obama will clinch the Democratic nomination for president Tuesday, ending a low-key primary race that many Americans probably didn’t realize was happening.

Obama is certain to reach the 2,778 delegates he needs to secure his party nod for a second time when five states vote on Tuesday. He has won almost every delegate so far, with a few exceptions in some Southern states that won’t vote Democratic in the fall anyway.

But don’t expect a big party, or any party. Campaign officials say they are focused on the general election, as they have been for months, and the all-but-certain Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

This is what they’re writing about. Obama has clinched the primary nomination. Hooray.
The press harps on Mitt Romney and his inability to bring the Republican base together, but what they fail to realize is that Romney doesn’t have to if he’s the nominee. Obama will do it for him.

Barack Obama has energized the Republican base and continues to do so on a daily basis. One could even argue that his first term as president has done more to rally conservatives than anything or anyone else in recent memory. If Mitt Romney is destined to be the vehicle through which Obama’s political defeat takes place, then so be it. The odds are not insurmountable – this president can be beaten decisively this fall – even by a moderate.

There’s no way current polls can reflect the true sentiments of the voting public. The biggest left-wing ideologue in American history has run the country in to the ground for nearly four years and half the country approves? It’s laughable.

Support for this president is waning. Moderates and independents have no reason to be drawn to Obama.  There is no groundswell of support for this administration and the glory days of 2008 are over. The honeymoon has come and gone. The divorce will soon be at hand.

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