Where is CNJ in the GOP Primary Race?

From time to time I drop in at Conservative New Jersey to see what’s cooking with regard to the battle royale unfolding in Congressional District 7, where incumbent RINO Leonard Lance faces a strong challenge by Movement Conservative David Larsen.

CNJ honcho Dick Zeundt admires and supports David Larsen as fervently as he despises Leonard Lance and so it isn’t unreasonable to surmise that Zeundt would direct his resources and bandwidth to  supporting Larsen as the conservative of choice while exposing Lance as the RINO to be defeated.

And yet, what do I find?

For the entire month of April there are many CNJ articles viciously attacking Bader Qarmout – an obscure, cinderella-candidate for the U.S. Senate who doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of prevailing over Joe Kyrillos in the primary election – along with many articles harping on the “racism” that a delusional (or is it just plain cynical?) Rob Eichmann says exists on our side of the political chasm.

There is an article titled “Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is O’Toole” that exposes a state senator who lashes out at those criticizing him for shutting down objections to the questionable background of a person confirmed to state office by the State Senate. All good and well, but not a single article appears calling out state senator Michael Doherty for his hypocritical betrayal of Movement Conservatism by shunning David Larsen and becoming a campaign manager for GOP Establishment RINO Leonard Lance.

Admittedly, the CNJ site features two articles on David Larsen authored by none other than “Rockin’ Robbo” Eichmann: the first (“Is There a Larsen – Qarmout Connection?”) is a fever-swamp brew of pure psychotic mendacity that attempts to link Larsen and Qarmout; the second (“Larsen Must Distance Himself From Qarmout”) is a fervent appeal to Larsen to distance himself from a candidate most people in New Jersey have never heard of and will likely never vote for. It’s the kind of writing that tabloids like the Weekly World News reject as ‘fictitious ranting.’

Why Zeundt permits this dreck to pollute his site is a mystery to me. Equally mysterious is the notable lack on the pages of CNJ over the past month of any criticism for Leonard Lance. For that matter, we have yet to see ANY criticism of Joe Kyrillos – much less the sort of proctological vetting of Kyrillos which Eichmann has honed to a black art with Bader Qarmout. And the silence regarding Doherty’s betrayal of Movement Conservatism is positively deafening.

A few days ago, former WOR radio talker Steve Malzberg announced he would endorse David Larsen at a May 8 fundraiser. On May3 the American Conservative Union – our nation’s largest and oldest grassroots conservative organization – endorsed David Larsen for Congress over incumbent RINO Leonard Lance. And yet, strange to say, a website that prides itself as the advocate and arbiter of all things conservative for New Jersey remains conspicuously silent regarding both of these newsworthy events.

What gives over at CNJ? Where’s the relevant, cutting edge reporting that Zeundt so often brags about? Why don’t we see videos like this one he posted on Youtube back in 2010 to express his support for David Larsen?

Do the thugs at the “Conservative Leadership Council” now call the shots at CNJ? Or has Dick Zeundt decided to follow Mike Doherty’s lead and sell his conservative soul for a piece of the Establishment action?

Say it ain’t so, Dick. Say it ain’t so.

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