When the Truth Prevails, The Tea Party Prevails

It is said that a lie goes halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its shoes on; in an age of instantaneous communication I would suggest that a lie circumvents the planet before truth has even gotten out of bed. We saw the veracity of this adage a few days ago when Paul Mulshine – a conservo-gnostic hack in the employ of the Newark Star-Ledger – published a hit piece on the Bayshore Tea Party that effectively endorsed a six month long campaign of libel and defamation waged against the Bayshore group by his thug buddies at the Conservative New Jersey blog.

Thus was Jeffrey Grant of the Montgomery Tea Party impelled to e-mail members of his organization two days ago with the following message:

A recent editorial in the Newark Star Ledger, by who is perhaps the only conservative writer on staff, Paul Mulshine showcased the Bayshore TEA Party in a very negative light. Refer to the NJ.com web link below:


Although it is surprising that Mr. Mulshine took such a tack, his piece represented that Bayshore had been co-opted by the “Christie crowd” and if in fact this is true, which I have no reason to doubt, it serves as an example of what happens when a TEA party allows itself to become part of any political system.  One cannot help but relate the fable of Icarus to what might very well have happened to Bayshore.

Actually, it isn’t all that surprising Mulshine took this tack: one-sided hatchet jobs bereft of fact and replete with half-truths are his stock in trade. Fortunately, my private e-mail address is on the Montgomery mailing list and I received a copy of the missive.

I immediately contacted Jeff Grant and explained that Mulshine and the CNJ zoo crew had directed him down the wrong fork in the road. As it turns out, Barbara Gonzalez also contacted him. Jeff was linked to the series I wrote that exposes the truth about CNJ’s baseless and defamatory campaign against the Bayshore Tea Party. After spending some time studying my defense of the BTPG, he issued a second e-mail:

Yesterday I posted a piece on “The Future of the TEA Party” (please return e-mail me if you would like a copy) following an editorial by Paul Mulshine on the same subject. My remarks criticized the Bayshore TEA Party for its approach in becoming a political TEA Party when in reality my judgment of Bayshore’s strategic decisions are at minimum as equally meaningless and misplaced as Paul Mulshine’s editorial. I offer my sincere apologies for my disparaging remarks to Barbara Gonzalez and all of the Bayshore TEA Party Leadership and Members.

Unquestionably, Bayshore, Montgomery and all TEA Parties are Patriots sharing the common goal to restore and preserve our Country and I am grateful that because TEA Parties exist, our Country has a chance to survive (and thrive) and that we all have the privilege to be part of the solutions.

Still, the truth about what has happened between the Bayshore TEA Party and Paul Mulshine must be addressed as it seems the real issue behind Mulshine’s editorial is the strength and substance of Bayshore as a force to be reckoned with in shaping the course of NJ politics.  You might recall that through Bayshore’s efforts, Anna Little bested her Republican primary challenger this past election cycle.

I know very little about Paul Mulshine except that I enjoy his reads and that he is one of the few conservatives that write for the Star Ledger. As often happens in the media, only one side of the story is told and the Bayshore TEA Party was kind enough to provide the below articles written during the past month or so that detail the goings on between the conservative media and the Bayshore folks that prompted Mulshine’s negative editorial. In short, Bayshore has taken a path to re-define the politics of NJ and by the accounts of the articles below, has been remarkably successful as evidenced by Mulshine’s editorial.

A Strong Cup of Tea – Introduction

A Strong Cup of Tea, Part 1: The Drumthwackit Blues

A Strong Cup of Tea, Part 2: Dissing Mayor Lonegan?

A Strong Cup of Tea, Part 3: CNJ’s Fundraiser Follies

A Strong Cup of Tea, Part 4: CNJ and The People’s Map

A Strong Cup of Tea, Part 5: L’Affair Salanitri

When Socialists Come a Knockin’

David Horowitz on Chatting With Socialists

Hear, hear! Jeff Grant’s measured and thoughtful words should give pause to anyone whose perception of the Bayshore Tea Party group has been stained by the CNJ/Mulshine tar brush. I’m wondering how much time will pass before the CNJ/CWA hit squad turns its guns on Jeff Grant and the Montgomery Tea Party.

CNJ’s war against the Bayshore Tea Party should serve as an object lesson to every Tea Party group in the Garden State: not all our enemies are on the Left and the destruction wreaked on the movement by arrogant, hubristic conservatives determined to make the Tea Party movement a tool of their personal political agenda will inflict incalculable damage to our cause  even as it aids and abets the enemies of liberty.

The Montgomery Tea Party understands that an unjustified attack on one of us – whether from the Left or the Right – is an attack on all of us and Dr. Franklin’s words ring every bit as true today as they did over 230 years ago:

If we do not hang together, then most assuredly we shall all hang separately.

I urge any and all Tea Party members who read this post to forward it to as many people as possible and link to it on their Facebook pages. Let’s see if we can get the truth to circumvent the globe before the lie gets out of New Jersey.

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7 Responses to When the Truth Prevails, The Tea Party Prevails

  1. lg1015 says:

    Apology accepted. Who’s next?

  2. truther says:

    All you need to know about Paul Mulshine can be summed up in the following article from the American Spectator. If the link does not open, cut and paste it into your browser or highlight and right click. It is worth the read.


  3. CJ FREEDOM says:

    Vindicated!! …..Moving Forward!

  4. TP109 says:

    Thugs on the Left and thugs on the Right…a thug is a thug. And some hold elected Office.

  5. TP109 says:

    I am pleased that Jeff Grant has apologized to Barbara and BTPG. I was stunned by his misinformed and naive letter. I hope he has learned a lesson..look before you leap. Check things out with other TPs. I am sure from now on Jeff will “doubt” Mulshine.

    The link from truther sums up Mulshine. He is an elite, jealous wannabe, lazy and sloppy in his research, who lost his integrity years ago and is desperately looking to be relevant. Won’t happen. He will copy whatever CNJ puts forth, and that makes him just another plagiarist. And oh yes, definitely NOT Conservative.

  6. hehehe says:

    Great link Truther. Completely exposes the moonshiner for the kook that he really is.
    And the folks at (redacted) who put him on the pedestal as “NJ’s #1 conservative” or other some such, well…. they should explain how they can give such an abhorrently ignorant man a platform to regurgitate his views.

    Calls into question their character & intentions, doesn’t it?
    Maybe they should just apologize to us all so we can just move on and begin anew…..

    Is this irony or what? I’m still studying myself, so I’m not sure yet….

  7. dloosend says:

    Moonshine was outed by The Great One long ago……………