When Socialists Come a Knockin’

I’m pleased to announce that my “Strong Cup of Tea” series – in which I come to the defense of the Bayshore Tea Party against what is essentially a libelous and defamatory campaign of personal destruction launched by CNJ’s Dick Zuendt and carried forward by his various butt puppets – has been a resounding success. Recent stirrings in the fever swamp  indicate that the Gang Who Can’t Think Straight has chosen to double down on their jihad, thereby ensuring a surfeit of chew bones for the old Bulldog.

Among the litany of BTP’s crimes against conservative humanity is an act committed by Bayshore that is so heinous, so reprehensible and so indicative of their collusion with the forces of darkness that I urge pregnant women, little children and those with heart problems to please leave the blog for the next hour. Yes, my friends, it’s even worse than cats and dogs sleeping together. Oh dear…whatever could these sublimely naughty people have done to incur the wrath of New Jersey’s answer to the Jacobin Club?

They…they…(O Lord, give me the strength to say it)…they invited…(gasp!)… a Socialist to come and speak at one of their meetings.

OH NOES!!!! (cue the garment rending and teeth gnashing) A SOCIALIST!? How could they do this to the Conservative Movement?

(Cue Neo-Jacobin  Master Thespian for his dramatic soliloquy):

“O, how heavy is my heart and darkened are my spirits. Serviceable villains who would call themselves our kindred and our dearest cousins, genuflected on bent knee to the infernal dictum of their most vile imperatrix, that Queen of the Tea Party Quislings, Middletown Barbi, whose very name spoken aloud doth cause a bilious gorge to rise in my throat and foul the taste in my mouth.

For they have consorted with a servant of the very Devil himself and in so doing, have sullied our Holy Cause. O cruel Fates, who have thrust into our midst this den of vipers, this brood of pretenders, this murder of traitorous carrion crows – have thee all taken leave of thy sensibility?

Hark! Let the bonfires of alarm be lit that patriots good and true come forth and defend the hallowèd virtue of Movement Conservatism e’ermore in the state where gardens flourish, Rotundus Magnus rules with blust’ry edict  and the difficult questions are seldom asked.”

Or something. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some version of that  pensée passed through the overly-spacious crania of the CNJ brain bund and their dutifully blinkered, Know-Nothing commentariat.

The Socialist in question is an 18 year-old fellow named Patrick Noble, who was (and still is) campaigning for the office of Freeholder in Monmouth County. Sensing that this might present an interesting opportunity to actually sit down with a real, live Socialist and pick his brains in an effort to understand what he and his ilk really think, Barbara Gonzalez and Bob Gordon invited him to address the organization. It’s worth noting that no Democrat had the testicular fortitude to march into the lion’s den and yet this lone teenage Socialist was willing to stand up in front of a crowd of free market patriots and make the case for his cause.

And so it came to pass that in late April of this year, Patrick Noble spent two hours with the Bayshore Tea Party. I’m pleased to report that no Bayshore Tea Partiers were harmed or infected by Socialism in the course of this meeting. At the time of this writing I am unable to locate the Youtube videos of this meeting and so I leave it to La Gonzalez and El Gordono to relate what happened and why:

I’m reminded of a passage from the Gospel of Mark:

14And as he passed by, he saw Levi the son of Alphaeus sitting at the receipt of custom, and said unto him, Follow me. And he arose and followed him.

 15And it came to pass, that, as Jesus sat at meat in his house, many publicans and sinners sat also together with Jesus and his disciples: for there were many, and they followed him.

 16And when the scribes and Pharisees saw him eat with publicans and sinners, they said unto his disciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners?

 17When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:13-17)

The initial response from the CNJ fever swamp might at best be described as restrained apoplexy. But when the young Socialist dared cross their hallowed borders and dirty their e-pages with his Socialist invective, a collective gran mal seizure ensued:

After reading this post and the subsequent lively discussion, I felt it a good idea to make my presence known as the fabled socialist candidate that spoke to the BTPG in late April.

I was surprised that Barbara invited me to speak, but she said that the BTPG had previously invited all of the other Freeholder candidates to speak (I didn’t announce my candidacy until late March, the major party candidates did earlier because of primaries). It was comedic irony that the Democrats said no and the socialist said yes.

I feel the need to clarify that the event wasn’t some rallying speech to convert the entire BTPG to socialism. I spent about ten minutes or so talking about my campaign, then it went to structured Q&A for an hour or so, then to unstructured Q&A for a while after that. Structured Q&A was a list of questions that BTPG members had submitted, and unstructured Q&A was simply picking people who raised their hand with a question.

The majority of the event was filmed and streamed online live (I believe there were technical difficulties early on). You should be able to find it on youtube if anyone is interested.

I think that the event was positive for everyone involved. I spoke to the BTPG because they are a group of county residents that wanted to hear from a candidate for county office, regardless of their political beliefs. While I obviously know that the BTPG wouldn’t endorse a socialist candidate, I think that it says something when a group doesn’t automatically jump behind one of the major parties without looking at the whole field of candidates first.

-Pat Noble

That is when the long knives came out:

Silence Dogood says:

Thanks for coming on here and confirming Bayshore’s insanity. You should contact Hoyas too, as I am sure he will want to put something positive about you on his blog.

How many Reagan conservatives have you had speak at your Socialist meetings? How many have you invited? We all know the answers, because we all know how inappropriate it would be.

Our meetings are always open to the public, so “Reagan conservatives” could show up if they chose to do so.

You’re right in saying that inviting a conservative to speak to the local Socialist Party would be inappropriate. The reason that it would be inappropriate, actually pointless is a better word, is because we do not have a vetting process for candidates like the BTPG does. We wouldn’t endorse a candidate not running under the Socialist Party banner, which is why a speech from any candidate not doing so would be pointless, regardless of whether they were a conservative, liberal, libertarian, etc.

It’s apples and oranges to compare a political party with a non-party political group.

Silence Dogood says:

Actually, tea party groups are supposed to be conservative.

Thanks anyway for your response.

Roland Hosey says:

This is simply incredible.

A socialist comes to a conservative blog to defend a TEA party that invited him to speak?

This so called tea party is a travesty. The more I read about them, the less they make any sense. Do they have any principles at all? Is there any liberal/rino/socialist they won’t take money from or let speak.

Why does this group exist? It appears they are doing everything they can to ensure the status quo. The more you find out about them, the more they appear as a.branch office of the NJGOP.

Silence Dogood says:

I see a new fundraising opportunity for Bayshore: Socialists and their allies.

Have your pet Socialist ask his ex-1960s radicals turned brokers and suck up a little more money from anti-conservatives.

Par for the course for CNJ, where knee-jerk neo-Jacobins stand ready to purge the Cause of everything that remotely smacks of anything they believe is opposed to the Cause. I’m not sure which is more breathtakingly appalling: their willfully ignorant, recrudescent, Pharisaical Know-Nothingism or the fact they are so proud of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, is THIS the variety of conservatism originally cultivated by Ronald Reagan and promoted by him throughout his presidency? Is THIS what passes for the legacy of the Gipper?

Honestly…is THIS the face of conservatism in New Jersey? If so, we’re in more trouble that I ever imagined.

Insofar as Dick Zuendt himself derided Bayshore for letting a Socialist address their organization and has yet to disassociate himself from these commenters, it’s fair to conclude that he shares their sentiment. If so, he has put the Conservative Leadership Caucus in an awkward position and, as usual, I’m the one addressing questions to the CLC that everyone else is apparently terrified of asking:

  1. Do you approve of Conservative New Jersey’s sustained and unsubstantiated attacks on the Bayshore Tea Party? If not, will you make a public statement to that effect?
  2. If so, are you willing to throw the Bayshore Tea Party under the bus to preserve the perceived unity of Movement Conservatism in New Jersey?
  3. Do you understand the earth-shattering effect this will have as Tea Party organizations sympathetic to the cause of the Bayshore group react to your decision?
  4. In light of the foregoing, do you really and truly want the likes of CNJ as a major conservative blogosphere supporter in New Jersey of the Conservative Leadership Caucus?

Simple questions, for the most part, and I have e-mailed them to selected members of the Conservative Leadership Caucus. The answers – assuming they are forthcoming – should prove quite interesting.

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6 Responses to When Socialists Come a Knockin’

  1. owleyepundit says:

    I have a possible explanation for CNJ’s attitude. At the beginning of the War Between The States, the rallying cry in the North was On to Richmond! The public demanded a direct assault on the Rebel capital. The real soldiers–meaning Winfield Scott and a few others–understood that you could not bring the Confederacy down with a single blow. He was drummed out of his post by the popular press, and a series of costly and demoralizing battles resulteed. It wasn’t until Grant started winning battles decisively that the public mood began to improve. It wasn’t until the Confederacy was greatly reduced that Richmond could be taken. And when it could be, the main target of Grant’s armies was not Richmond. It was Lee’s army. Lee’s was not the last army, but after Lee surrendered, the conclusion could be called foregone. Richmond was irrelevant.

    We face a battle of ideas with an enemy that cannot be defeated by a single stroke. Ther terrritory is Public Opinion entwined with Law. We must advance on one side of the river in order to advance on the other (and vice versa). We have to work towards small battles, each a decisive win of its own, while recognizing that the biggest battles may be harder to see as victories. It would have been easy to read Gettysburg as a defear, since Lee escaped. And on a tactical level that might be true … but Lee failed to achieve his objective and his strategic goals were utterly defeated. And each small battle must move us towards the final victory, even if the value of the victory is not immediately obvious.

    We must be careful not to exhaust ourselves trying to achieve total victory in one stroke. If we fail, like Lee at Gettysburg, we will have given the enemy a great victory.

    • Erbid says:

      Hummm… I am still wondering about this.

      One “Tea Party” attacks another repeatedly. They do so using name calling and partial fact. One must wonder why.

      If they are seriously concerned, I they could inquire.

      I do hope they will turn their guns toward overspending, restrictive, or dysfunctional government like most TEA groups. With all the taxpayer dollars floating around, a lot of harm is being done in the name of “government”.

  2. ANobleSocialist says:

    While I don’t agree with everything said in the video, I still think that the event was a success, and that all of the BTPG members who attended did the right thing by attempting to learn more about all of the candidates instead of simply jumping inline behind the Republicans.

    To answer the question about primaries that was asked early in the video, alternative parties don’t have the same ballot status in New Jersey as the Republicans and Democrats do, so we are unable to run primaries in the same fashion as the major parties. Alternative parties still nominate candidates, but generally speaking, they run either as independents or write-ins. I am officially an independent candidate as far as the State of New Jersey is concerned, but independents are allowed to have up to three words next to their name on the ballot that describes their party or platform. In my case, next to my name will be “Socialist Party USA”. Hopefully one day we will be able to defeat these anti-democratic laws so that all parties have a more equal chance to compete.

    If anyone wants to learn more about the campaign, you can visit http://www.VoteNoble.com. You can also e-mail votepatnoble@yahoo.com, always happy to answer any questions.

    -Pat Noble

  3. The answer to all four questions is “NO!”

    CNJ is just wrong on this and their repeated attacks makes one think that they are not really conservative.

    However, their repeated attacks also make us want to spend our time and energy defending, rather than advocating. In the words of another progressive group…we need to move on. (Oops, does this make me one of the enemy?)

    Regarding Mr. Noble. I commend his courage attending the BSTP meeting. I hope that he realizes that we are not devils, bigots, or racists. Perhaps he will tell his friends that we are respectful, thoughtful, and passionate. I also commend BSTP for inviting him because, at a minimum, we need to hear what the opposition has to say. How can we counter their position when we don’t really understand it? I suppose a good fist fight might do it, assuming we have thugs big enough to do the job. However, it wouldn’t do much for our reputation.

    Mr Noble… I don’t see why one of our leaders couldn’t address your group. I don’t think it should matter if you are a real political party…I can’t believe that all your meetings are merely about campaign strategy. I certainly don’t have a problem proving to your group that ours is the right way to go (or at least proving that we aren’t devils).

    A word to my tea party colleagues…just because someone does this doesn’t automatically mean that he/she is in alliance with them. It means that we are rising above the petty bickering and back stabbing that seems to be occurring right now. Frankly, I would rather talk to the socialists than join with CNJ, who seems to be more interested in guilt by association than anything else. Let’s get on with the fight to preserve our Constitution, shrink the size of government at all levels, promote fiscal responsibilty, and promote personal responsibility. These are the things that unify us – we don’t need someone like CNJ to do it for us.

    By the way, I also monitor CNJ because sometimes they uncover good stuff before the other blogs do so. I suspect that Gene will soon be a much better source of information and opinion than they are. Good competition should make them irrelevant…isn’t that what we are all about?

    George Hathaway

    • ANobleSocialist says:

      Mr. Hathaway,

      What I meant by the statement regarding addressing each group is that the BTPG has a vetting process for candidates, so it makes sense for them to invite all of the candidates running for office. The local Socialist Party in Monmouth/Ocean counties doesn’t have a vetting process, because we most likely wouldn’t endorse a non-SP candidate, so it wouldn’t make sense for us to invite non-SP candidates to a meeting.

      As I said before though, our meetings are always open to the public, so non-members are welcome to attend. There’s always plenty of great, informal discussion between meeting attendees.

      -Pat Noble

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