What Happens When the Reagan Mask Comes Off?

I have no problem understanding the tactics employed by the unhinged Left in their unhinged effort to avoid the ash heap of history as increasing numbers of ordinary people awaken to the havoc these people have wreaked on our nation over the past eighty years. To the average Leftist, for whom the Cause – whatever that cause may be – transcends all other things, the ends will always justify the means and other people become nothing more than the eggs necessary for the perfect omelet…and everyone knows you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

Anyone not blinkered by sympathy to the cause of contemporary American liberalism who has devoted more than a few minutes’ time observing it, cannot avoid being astounded by the extremes to which the Left resorts in order to advance its agenda: there is no stratagem too brutal, no lie too outrageous, no slander or libel too vicious or hurtful that it cannot be effectively employed – especially if people of good will do nothing to oppose the outrage but instead gape and gawk like bystanders at a traffic accident or, worse, accept what they see and hear as the truth.

Thankfully, the conservative right is largely free of this pathogen. Insofar as they hold dear any number of self-evident truths that transcend this vulgar, mundane world and aspire to a more exacting and divine standard, conservatives pursue the truth – even when engaging liberals in political battle – because there exists no other weapon more powerful. In some instances this instinctive respect for eternal verities can have a hobbling effect when engaging an enemy for whom truth is nothing more than expedience and integrity but one of many costumes donned in the Kabuki theatre of politics. Nevertheless, one adapts to these things over time and evolves strategies to outwit and overcome them.

But what is to be done when a textbook Liberal assault – complete with innuendo, insinuation, fallacious reasoning, half truths, outright lies, slander and libel – comes not from the Left but rather, from the Right? What would history have been like if the planes that attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 were not Japanese but American? It’s a jarring image and there are few who can abide it for any length of time. Yet this is precisely what is taking place in New Jersey as an erstwhile conservative advocacy blog has taken upon itself with drooling zeal a mission one would ordinarily expect to see a Leftist organization embracing: the destruction of a Tea Party organization that, since its founding, has dedicated itself to the principles embraced by Ronald Reagan – the man whose mask their attackers wear.

Yesterday a pair of articles was published on the web pages of Conservative New Jersey so outrageous, so over the top, that I insist you read them for yourselves. The author is Rob Eichmann. Please make a note of his name.

Unlike the bloggers at Conservative New Jersey who are so terrified of me and of this site that they refuse to link to it or to anything I have published, I’m more than happy to link to them. I want you to go there and partake of the sewage that passes for conservative thought among these pathetic excuses for conservative activists. I implore you to read the dreck that passes for their informed opinion and, assuming you haven’t already vomited, read it again.

In particular, I want you read the following posts:

Gonzalez Supports Who?

Bayshore’s Scumbag Tactics

Ordinarily, I take the time to answer screeds like these almost on a line-by-line basis. This time, I’ll let the victim of this libel – and yes, it is libel – answer for herself. In an e-mail to me, Barbara Gonzalez had this to say:

I did not host a fundraiser for ANYONE except for the BTPG once in March. In the present case, I was merely an invited  guest at the home of the Measleys.

Neither I nor the BTPG ever made a public statement of support for or endorsed RoseAnn Salinitri.

Neither I nor the BTPG ever made a public statement of support for or endorsed Mr. Quick.  I don’t even know what he is running for and only vaguely recall the name.

Neither I nor the BTPG have EVER promoted or supported the Socialist Party USA. However, I should point out that CNJ  has given them a substantial amount of promotion (including a link to his website), so much so that the 18 yr.old has thanked THEM for promoting his platform.

Neither I nor the BTPG have been accused by anyone but the bloggers at CNJ for promoting Socialist and Marxists.

Neither I nor the BTPG have gone “door to door” to ask neighbors about Steve Lonegan.  We haven’t the time to delve in such idiocy.

Neither I nor the BTPG have been commenting on this site because, quite frankly, we realize you can’t argue with idiots.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s worth noting that Michael Doherty and Steve Lonegan both enjoy considerable support from Conservative New Jersey. Indeed, Rob Eichmann happily volunteers his time on behalf of Mr. Doherty. And yet, to date, neither of these so-called conservative leaders has had anything critical to say in public about the escalating outrage being perpetrated on the part of their supporters. Do they not realize that all this time Democrat operatives have been assiduously recording every slander and libel against the Bayshore Tea Party? Do they not comprehend the incalculable damage this is doing to Movement Conservatism in New Jersey? Have they nothing – apart from criticism of me – to say about all this?

Well, I have something to say: it’s time for Messrs. Lonegan and Doherty to grow a pair and put a stop to this madness. I understand that while the zoo crew at CNJ has no sense of decency or shame,  I have no choice but to ask both Mr. Lonegan and Mr. Doherty:

Do either of you have any sense of decency or shame? Will either of you step forward and do the right thing? Or will the conservative movement in New Jersey die in a cannibalistic feeding frenzy?

I’m not the cause of this plague. I’m merely the scalpel that lanced a festering boil. Now the pus is everywhere and it covers everything. It’s time for the conservative leadership in New Jersey to step forward with gauze and alcohol and clean up the mess. They can start by directing their attention to Conservative New Jersey – the pathogen that triggered this disgusting eruption.

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6 Responses to What Happens When the Reagan Mask Comes Off?

  1. dloosend says:

    Just like Milhous, these scumbags will never admit a mistake and will continue to attack anyone who criticizes or doesn’t march in lockstep with their idealogy. We were around before them, and will be around long after they are just footnotes on a blog page.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Ah Gene, Gene, Barbara, Barbara – this oooozzzzzeeees into TP’s right next door. TRUST ME – this I know first hand.

    Using a whole blog to attack and cannibalize is not something I have dealt with YET but I (and my TP) have taken more then our fair share of hits from those who are supposed to be on our side.

    Stay strong Barbara. Stay strong. I know how distressing it is.

  3. hehehe says:

    While at CNJ, check the archives.

    FACT: From inception until Gene left CNJ, Gene wrote practically EVERY article on the site.
    FACT: Since Gene’s started writing again, practically every article posted on CNJ is attacking Gene & the BTPG, excepting of course the “breaking news article” that hasn’t come down in months. How much is Doherty paying for this “news” article? He’s gotten plenty of money from RINO’s, so he can afford it apparently.

    Besides Wee Willie, who might else be in the NJCRLC circle stretch? Lonegan for sure, Doherty for sure, Rob Eichmann for sure….Do you think the Commish would join this?
    Winkie says he can’t stand Ed & Dick, so I’m not sure on that, but I wouldn’t put it past any of them.

  4. owleyepundit says:

    Is CNJ an “erstwhile” (aspiring) Conservative blog or a “soi-disant” (self-designated) Conservative blog?

  5. Gene Hoyas says:

    If so, why does he reside in New Hope Pa., the home of the most densely per capita gay enclave in the northeastern US? Perhaps he doth protest too much? Perhaps he and Eichmann are lovers?

    Certainly begs the question doesn’t it?

    No. It doesn’t. For one thing, “begging the question” is a rhetorical device that has nothing to do with your point. What you meant to say was “raises the question.”

    For another, I will not entertain this line of speculation: it’s the very tactic employed by the very people I criticize. Do not soil yourself by stooping to their level.

  6. Route 46 Overpass says:

    While I don’t particularly like Eichmann or Winkler, I also disagree with the propriety of truthers post, in fact I condemn it.

    While E&W may be the instrumental cause of this plauge, they are probably not the efficient cause.

    “I understand that while the zoo crew at CNJ has no sense of decency or shame, I have no choice but to ask both Mr. Lonegan and Mr. Doherty:

    Do either of you have any sense of decency or shame? Will either of you step forward and do the right thing? Or will the conservative movement in New Jersey die in a cannibalistic feeding frenzy?

    I’m not the cause of this plague.”

    The NJ conservative movement will not die in a feeding frenzy. I can’t opine on Mr. Doherty, but there is plenty of data that can help us decide if former Mayor Steve Lonegan has a sense of decency or shame. Steve Lonegan will not step forward to do the right thing because he likely is the cause of the present distress. You see Steve was not allowed to MC the Battle for Trenton in the spring of this year.

    Here is what we know about former Mayor Lonegan’s sense of decency and shame.

    Bogota Police Officer Daniel Creange won a $15,000 verdict on Friday, July 10, 2009 after a Bergen County jury concluded that former Mayor Steve Lonegan and other Borough Council members violated his rights to free speech and free association during a 2006 disciplinary hearing. Those other Council members might have been Lonegan cult flunkies, similar to those who inhabit the NJ con blogosphere today.

    Creange had asserted that council members had used the hearing as political payback.
    Creange’s lawyer, Victor Rabbat said “we were very pleased with the verdict.”

    So we know that Steve Lonegan has violated the right to free speech and association of a New Jersey citizen. We know that that citizen claimed the motive for violating those rights to be “political payback.” That shouldn’t surprise us.

    In October 2007, Steve Lonegan was caught red-handed by the police in Bergen County, having hired undocumented aliens to put up lawn signs for his “non-profit” organization, Americans for Prosperity. Jeff Michaels described it as follows on politickernj in May of 2009:

    (quote) The Associated Press reports that at first Lonegan said the workers “approached his taxpayer advocacy organization . . . looking for work.” (AP 10/13/07)

    Lonegan reacted with a tirade against his police department, blaming local cops for picking on him, and racial profiling the illegals. (Ignore the irony that this is the same Lonegan who tried to stoke white voter resentment by publicly criticizing McDonalds for having a bi-lingual sign).

    Lonegan then changed his story, not for the last time, about how he hired the illegals. From the Star-Ledger (10/15/07): “Lonegan changed his story about how he came to hire the two illegal immigrants. In earlier news reports, Lonegan said the two men came into his second-floor office on River Road looking for work. According to Lonegan’s earlier explanation, he dropped the men off at his house on Bogota Gardens . . .Yesterday he told the Star-Ledger that the men did not come to his office looking for work. ‘We went and picked them up,’ Lonegan said. Pressed for further details about where he found the men, Lonegan said: ‘I gotta tell you the truth, I don’t know. Somebody from my staff— I don’t know exactly where they were standing.”

    It gets better. The Bergen Record reported the next day that “the two undocumented workers hired by Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan last week disputed his account of events. . .saying he sought them out for work and never asked whether they were legal residents . . .”

    The truth was finally revealed – the Record reported that “the Guatemalan men . . .said Monday that two men – a driver and passenger they later identified as Lonegan from a photograph – picked them up along the Route 46 ramp . . .a popular spot for day laborers in search of jobs.”

    Lonegan said that his flip-flopping explanations and changing stories “doesn’t matter to me” and that he “will hire anybody I want.” (unquote)

    It seems to me that former Mayor Steve Lonegan:

    was caught picking up illegal immigrants along an exit ramp on Route 46,
    lied about it, and
    said he can hire anybody he wants, even illegals.

    If he lied about picking up illegals, I suppose he might lie about causing the present distress.

    In January of 2008 Lonegan was again in the news, this time a Record article about what former Mayor Steve Lonegan claimed was an NJ Attorney General’s investigation:

    “Lonegan said people had told him that investigators had shown up at their doorsteps and interrogated them for hours about Lonegan, warning them not to tell him about the interviews.

    “’They were driving by my house the first week of November,” Lonegan said, “They went to people specifically to talk about me…. They were all over the map, all over the place. It was a broad net investigation to either scare the hell out of me or find out whether they could find anything.’

    “He said one person was asked whether he illegally removed an oil tank from one of his two Bogota houses, despite the fact that the house is heated with gas.”

    Doesn’t this sound like a screwball paranoid wacko who might just be the type of person willing to cause this present distress in order to get political payback? History is replete with unhinged wackos with no sense of decency or shame who have gone farther in politics than former Mayor Lonegan, a serial politician who has lost races for State Senate, US Congress, County Executive and Republican Gubernatorial nominee (twice).