We’re Off to the Dog Show Today

The lovely and ever-gracious Nicole recently entered Maximus (aka Frankenpooch) in the 72nd All-Breed Dog Show sponsored by the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club and held at the Wicomico Civic Center.

From where we are in the Garden State, it will take us four hours to reach the Civic Center (the event will be held indoors);  the Rhodesian group is scheduled for judging around 3 PM. Assuming Max captures the coveted Gaudy Ribbon before 3:30 and we skedaddle out of there by 4 PM, we won’t get home until around 8 PM.

Nicole has patiently been training him since the last show and we’re hoping he’ll be better behaved this time around. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long drive back home.

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One Response to We’re Off to the Dog Show Today

  1. josephine says:

    I sure hope she had fun today! I did. I was a volunteer for Herman Cain today. I dressed in red and black and went to downtown Athens, Ga. and through the Arches where the famous Old College is and the infamous Tailgate puts up their tents on Saturdays. The big lawn was full, I’d say about 4-500 people.
    Our tent was serving “Raising Cain” Chicken Tenders and we were going through the crowd giving out Cain 2012 stickers to the crowd. I was keeping count of mine, about 200 stickers given out.
    I had fun. I did a tailgate poll. I’d say 9.5 out of 10 were Cain supporters. I found only 2 Mitt supporters and no one was talking about Newt or Perry. I was surprised by that.
    There were Ga. fans from 25 to 75 yrs. old. The 25 to 35 year olds were backing him with passion. They knew all about his economic plan and his Social Security plans and they are raring to get to the polls. The rest were just as excited. I spotted only 5 Democrats out of 200 people (approximately.) You could spot them a mile away. I went up to them anyway and they were very nice. Foolish, but nice.
    It was a great day. And those chicken tenders were the best I’ve ever had. That franchise opened mysteriously in August!
    Cain’s still leading in the Iowa polls today. 23% to Romney’s 19% and newts 15%.He slaughtered everyone in Mark Levin’s poll,” who would you vote for today”? that he did after the Debate tonight. 55% Cain, 22% Romney and 18% Perry. Newt can be Sec. of State and Czar of Knowledge. Cain was a man of few words and strong convictions. Evidently people that watched liked what he said. The moderators would not get close to letting him talk about money.
    I met a man visiting from Mass. He said, “Mitt was the worst thing that ever happened to Mass.” I kid you not. I gave him 2 stickers.