Way to Go, Newt

Somebody please wake me when this long national nightmare is over. I can stand it no longer and have no other option but declaring outright that Newt Gingrich is, without question, the only candidate in this race that truly deserves to become the president of these United States. Why? That’s easy: he’s a brilliant loose cannon and therefore precisely what we need at this point in time: a candidate who would inflict the same degree and kind of damage to Obama that he receives and a president both intelligent and conservative enough to veer our ship of state to the right while at the same time crazy enough to scare the ever-loving snot out of our enemies.

He’ll never become the GOP nominee, of course. And unless Romney gets his act together and grows a pair of Reagans, the skids are already being greased for a second Obama term and the end of this republic.

Takes your breath away, no? At the same time, does this clip not furnish incontrovertible proof that it’s time for Dr. Ron Paul to retire and take up knitting or basket weaving?

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