Today in History – November 4

Courtesy of our friends at, I am pleased to begin each and every day of the week here at Bulldog Pundit with a snippet of some important event that occurred on this date sometime in the past. Some events might come readily to mind while others may take a bit of effort to recall. Not all are historically portentous and some may even seem whimsical. Nevertheless, each and every one is a grain in the hourglass of human history.

On this day in 2008, alpha RINO and GOP presidential contender John McCain was defeated by beta socialist Barack Hussein Obama in the general election. Obama won by a narrow margin of 53% over 47% for McCain, whose defeat would likely have been even more humiliating had he not included Reaganite firebrand Sarah Palin on the ticket as his Veep.

As it is, McCain’s campaign was lackluster and full of milquetoast; he seemed less interested in attacking Obama than ensuring that his return to the U.S. Senate after the election would be a smooth and uneventful one, with no burned bridges between himself and the Democrat establishment.

Thus my rendition of the famous Guy Fawkes sonnet:

Remember, remember the 4th of November: The RINO treason and plot.

I know of no reason why the RINO treason should ever be forgot.

If you liked John McCain, you’re gonna LOVE Mitt Romney.

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2 Responses to Today in History – November 4

  1. Barb says:

    First, let me say that I hope the Bulldog has been to the Vet! We all hope you feel better. Secondly, (as Herman Cain would say)….I try not to bash any of the other republican candidates. I favor Cain, but almost all of the other candidates would be fine…..except this one:

    The thing folks like about Cain is that he is not a Washington politician. Mittens would have known exactly how to react to a charge like the Cain charge, because he is a smooth operator.

  2. Barb says:

    correction on link from above post..sorry!