Today in History – March 6

Courtesy of our friends at, I am pleased to begin each and every day of the week here at Bulldog Pundit with a snippet of some important event that occurred on this date sometime in the past. Some events might come readily to mind while others may take a bit of effort to recall. Not all are historically portentous and some may even seem whimsical. Nevertheless, each and every one is a grain in the hourglass of human history.

On this day in 1990 my beloved daughter, Claudia De Paz Hoyas, was born. She was a fragile little thing who fought her own birth like a Comanche – unlike her brother Christopher, who practically squirted into the doctor’s hands like a watermelon seed.

Her mother spent nearly an entire day in hard labor trying to deliver her while I stood by helplessly, thinking to myself that I wouldn’t want to do anything that felt good for twenty-four hours. The poor woman was so exhausted after the delivery that the nurses handed the child to me. To ME. And at that moment me bonded – father and daughter.

Just six weeks after she was born, Claudia caught a virus that caused a fever so high she had to be hospitalized and spent an entire week in the neo-natal ICU. It was touch and go for a few days and I wondered if we were going to lose her.

When she was three or four years old, I gave her the pet name “Pidgin” and to this day I address her simply as “Pidge.” I used to pick her up in my arms and waltz with her as Enya sang the hauntingly beautiful ballad “Marble Halls.” Claudia was a happy, laid-back, easy-going child who suddenly became a young woman over a span of two decades that feel like a shock buzz from a time machine.

I’m still amazed and appalled at how quickly these 22 years have passed – amazed that nearly a quarter century has transpired and appalled that I could have been so much more attentive to her and wasn’t…a regret I’ll take to my grave.

Today is her 22nd birthday and I am taking this occasion to pay tribute to the beautiful apple of my eye who I will always love the same.




Happy Birthday, Pidgin. I love you still the same…more than you will ever know.

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