Time to Move On

I could do nothing but cringe and wince when I read Michael Illions’ latest unhinged rant – not for my sake, but for his. To be sure, he hurls invective aplenty for me, for the Bayshore Tea Party, for Barbara Gonzalez and particularly for Bob Gordon. In fact, the three of us were clearly and unequivocally branded as “traitors.” Meh…that’s part of the give-and-take of politics in New Jersey these days and I pay it only the passing attention it deserves. However, the tone and timbre of Michael’s cri de coeur go beyond policy or political differences and straight into territory best explored by those with advanced degrees in mental health.

It saddens me to see something like this happening to him, because I believe that Mike is a decent person whose heart is in the right place – even if his mind is not. I won’t bother responding to myriad libels and untruths in his post because all of them have been addressed at one time or another on these web pages; the reader who sincerely seeks the truth of this whole sorry debacle will find it here at Bulldog Pundit.

What turns farce into tragedy is the fact that Mike is deeply involved in the Pediatric Hydrocephalous Foundation, a wonderful charitable organization he founded and for which he currently serves as  the National Director of Advocacy:

The mission of the Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation is to educate the community by raising the level of awareness about this brain condition. The PHF will also provide support to the families, friends and children who are diagnosed with Hydrocephalus.

The PHF will raise money for and work with the medical community in searching for a cure and additional treatment options for those with Hydrocephalus.

No parent of a healthy child can ever begin to comprehend the via dolorosa trodden by the parents of children suffering from hydrocephaly and I would not presume to plumb the abyss that encompasses the pain of Mike and Kim as they struggle to brighten the future for Cole Illions. And ultimately, it fell upon their shoulders to morph that struggle into a foundation that gives aid and comfort to other parents of similarly afflicted children.

It is abundantly clear that the PHF is Michael Illion’s true vocational calling; I have no doubt whatsoever that, in the service of that organization, he will accomplish far more good for far greater numbers of people than he could ever do at CWA. Political blogs are a dime a dozen, but the Pediatric Hydrocephalous Foundation? So far, there is only one.

Unfortunately, he is attempting – without much success – to address the demands of both, and in so doing, does service to neither: the more he rants and raves at CWA, the  more he damages the credibility of the PHF. There is just too much at stake to risk continuing this sort of behavior, as it will inevitably come back to haunt him and the PHF in the future.

It’s time for Michael to move on.  He was meant to serve a cause far more sublime than the mud pit of New Jersey politics.

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9 Responses to Time to Move On

  1. dloosend says:

    And l am wondering how those on the Foundations board would take to recieving a package of the Cowardly Knish’s archives???? Some ‘splainin to do?????????????

  2. TP109 says:

    Michael was always direct, frank and biting, but he has morphed into bitterness, a careless attention to facts, and sophomoric name-calling. It is sad to watch his descent.

    • lg1015 says:

      I am very close to Bob Gordon and I know of his honesty, integrity and loyalty to family, friends and Country. There is no more loving father, husband or grandfather, IMHO, and it breaks my heart to see the horrible lies written about him. Those who know him, respect him. Those who don’t know him, and won’t take the time to know him, will assume what they will.

  3. Barb says:

    I agree with lg1015….A finer man is hard to meet. Bob is not just a good egg..he is the whole damn omelet.

    • Gene Hoyas says:

      Robert Gordon is a scholar, a gentleman, a patriot and a genuinely decent man – as anyone who actually knows him will readily attest. I am proud to call him my friend.

  4. HeleneH says:

    I agree with all above regarding Bob, he is a great guy.
    I never met Michael so I can only base my comment on what he has written and he appears to me to be very bitter. My advise to him would be to focus on the positive even during the most difficult times. Your child will teach you so much, things no one else ever could.

  5. truther says:

    You know I find it an absolute shame that all of this vitriol could be put completely to bed if someone, specifically Mike Doherty, Allison McHose, Gary Chiusano or Steve Oroho would simply once and for all condemn the behavior and vicious writings of Messrs. Bill Winkler and Rob Eichmann.

    They clearly started all this crap and at sometime in the not too distant future are going to be the cause of everyone of the aforementioned State Senators and Assemblypersons losing their offices for failure to step up and put an end to people who they perform political activies on their behalves.

    Shame on those who know dam well what is going on, have the ability to stop it but sit idley by and do nothing. Shame, shame, shame!

  6. I am Sparticus says:

    Please everyone take a moment to say a prayer for this young boy.

  7. Route 46 Overpass says:

    Michael Illions can’t help himself. No Stevie Krishna can. Illions wrote:

    “After Michael Doherty, the next target was Conservative ICON Steve Lonegan, who has been maligned and ridiculed by the Tea Party Traitors above and their kool-aid drinking enablers. Same with Michael Doherty, Lonegan also declined to interject himself in something he had nothing to do with. That was Strike 1. But the bigger offense came when Lonegan refused to pay the Bayshore extortion fee of $250.00 to host a meeting at the Tea Party Traitor’s HQ. A socialist candidate was allowed to speak for free, but Lonegan was “charged” $250.00 to hold a meeting at the HQ, which would have resulted in some nice exposure for the organization and an opportunity to meet and recruit new members.”

    Illions thinks Lonegan is an ICON – an object to be worshiped. Stevie Krishna, Stevie Krishna. The attacks on the Tea Parties – Bayshore, Jersey Shore, Somerset and Sussex started at least in April, if not February or last year. The Socialist Freeholder candidate came much later than the initial offenses – failing to get on Lonegan’s maxed out bus tour to Chris Smith’s office and letting someone other than Steve Lonegan MC the Battle for Trenton.

    Lonegan’s 2009 campaing (according to elec nj) wrote four checks totaling over $13,000 to Baseline Research of New Hope, PA — likely Winkler’s “company”. Eichmann ran on Lonegan’s line. Eichmann, Doherty, Winkler , McHose and Lonegan were four of only nine names on the NJCRLC membership list – according to njcrlc.org. Lonegan campaign adds were on the CWA site during the 2009 GOP gubernatorial primary campaign. A parallel can be drawn between the myraid offenses of Bayshore and myraid offenses “dug up” about Christie in the 2009 primary — the fingerprints on the “digging up” are identical. Heck, we even have creepy stories on CNJ/CWA about houses where Barb goes to meet other Tea Partiers, incorrect stories about Bulldog’s job, Facebook comments and do on. This garbage is classic political opposition research.

    There is only one person in this controversy who had a civil jury find that he violated the free association and free speech rights of a New Jersey citizen – that one person is Steve Lonegan, the finding came down in Bergen County in July of 2009. It takes someone very special to take payback to the extreme length that a jury would actually find that person had violated first amendment liberties. Well, the Tea Party’s will not allow their freedoms of association and speech to be impinged.

    I really doubt there are any Lonegan e-mails telling Eichmann and Winkler to begin the ugly campaign that started in April if not earlier. Lonegan is careful about these matters. But oh, I would bet the phone minutes between Lonegan and Eichmann and Winkler are manifold. Stevie Krishna, Stevie Krishna, Krishna Stevie, Krishna Stevie.