Time for a CNJ Zoo Crew Comedy Break

When things get too quiet you can always depend on the Zoo Crew over at Conservative New Jersey to provide much needed comic relief, especially in the wake of the recent election day death sentence passed upon the Garden State by its certifiably idiotic electorate. Case in point: a recent article by Dick Zeundt in which he brays like the jackass he is about CNJ’s “leap” into the major league of media exposure. Sadly enough, on closer examination, it reads more like Pagliacci meets Dr. Seuss.

While other political websites in the state offer half-baked recipes and ramblings that are more suited for an urban sexual reference guide, Conservative New Jersey continues to be a trusted site that is referenced by mainstream media sources throughout the state and nation.

Someone needs to explain to The Dick (for perhaps the fiftieth time) that mine is not a “political” website, but merely a vanity blog. Yes, I discuss politics, but I also discuss other things that interest me and I have no agenda other than promoting myself. My recipes are hardly “half-baked” but the stuff of good eats. As for the “urban sexual reference guide,” perhaps The Dick needs to lighten up a bit and drop the faux puritantical morality; it makes him look like…well…a Dick.

As for the media exposure, brace yourselves: The Dick proudly boasts of the spotlight shone upon him by no less a conservo-gnostic hack than Paul Mulshine – resident crank and token “conservative” on the staff of the uber-liberal Star-Ledger. There is also mention of CNJ by the New Jersey Herald (whatever the hell THAT is).

Nationally speaking, this is like being crowned Prom King by the editor of Mom’s Basement News in Fukkawoodchuk, Vermont. But here’s the best paragraph of all:

What will next week bring?  We don’t know right now, but if the likes of the Star Ledger, New Jersey Herald, Fox Business News and Mark Levin are following us, you should be doing the same.

Mark Levin? Following CNJ? Really? Would this be the same Mark Levin who Dick’s butt buddy Paul Moonshine routinely trashes as a trotskyite and an idiot on his own blog when he’s not trashing Tea Party groups or conservative Republicans?

Whatever it is I’m doing, it seems to be working: I’m still kicking Dick’s ass in the Alexa rankings.

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2 Responses to Time for a CNJ Zoo Crew Comedy Break

  1. hehehe says:

    All 84 faithful CNJ viewers will now boycott your site Bulldog, hope you’re happy.

    Perhaps they’ll be able to generate some added interest from that Vermont location.
    (almost spit up my coffee reading, way to go…)

    • TP109 says:

      And let’s not forget to include include The Dick, the Winky Dink, and the Echhhmann (yuk) among those 84.