Thoughts on Reading Wee Willy Winky

It’s a phenomenon that’s fairly easy to spot once you know what to look for and in the case of Bill Winkler, one does not require anything beyond a cursory once-over to understand the particulars of the fever swamp from which he emerges, with increasing frequency of late, to project onto others the myriad inadequacies and failings that mark his existence as nothing more or less than a glittering mediocrity – one made creepy by the unctuous, smarmy manner in which he sidles up to others with seemingly innocuous invitations, such as “Let’s chat.”

In what I’m sure he believed was a devasting rejoinder to a recent post of mine titled When the Truth Prevails, The Tea Party Prevails, the Wee One wrote:

The “Let’s be kind to socialists” Bayshore Cult’s apologist blogger has found a new motto for his cult: “The Truth Prevails”.

In a post today, Comrade Gene urged the whole tea party movement in New Jersey to adopt his little dropping.

The trouble is Comrade Gene plagiarized his motto from another group. “The Truth Prevails” is already taken.

Pravda víťazí (The Truth Prevails) was the national motto of communist Czechoslovakia.

 That’s some slogan for a conservative movement.

Pravda víťazí Comrades!

I’m impressed. The Wee One even went to the trouble of doing a little actual research – with the emphasis, as usual, on little. I suppose you could say that Willy did a wee bit of stone turning in an effort not so much directed at discovering the truth but lending support to his effort to keep alive a trope that has become a parody of itself.

Obviously neither the Wee One nor the Cadre of Neo-Jacobins have bothered to review the video clips taken of Pat Noble’s brief visit to the Bayshore Tea Party.

Sorry to disappoint the Jacobins and Know-Nothings, but no books were burned and the young socialist wasn’t hanged, drawn and quartered.

Based on what I’ve seen, it looks like Pat Noble was the one who got an earful of ideology. This is precisely the sort of confrontational tactic that former Leftist Radical and now conservative paragon David Horowitz recommends for conservative groups looking to convert socialists and other leftists to the cause of Movement Conservatism.

Ordinarily I would take umbrage at being accused of plagiarism, but in light of the fact the accusation comes from the Wee One, I laughed it off. My dear Silly Billy, how precisely is it possible to plagiarize an aphorism that is commonplace in almost every culture on the planet?

It isn’t possible, but then facts never did get between Wee Willy Winky and  any opportunity to deliver the crushing coup de grace to his nemesis and object of his fevered obsession. Thus with a triumphal flourish he drops the bombshell:

Pravda víťazí (The Truth Prevails) was the national motto of communist Czechoslovakia…That’s some slogan for a conservative movement.

There’s just one teensy problem: Czechoslovakia was not always communist. It began its existence as an independent democratic republic founded in 1918 by Thomas Masaryk, who  adopted Pravda víťezí (The Truth Prevails) as the motto of the new nation (note that the correct spelling uses the Czech word, not the Slovak word, which is spelled víťazí). It was taken (‘plagiarized’ if you are Wee Willy) from the  Hussites, 15th century followers of Jan Hus, who had for their symbol the chalice and their motto the words Pravda víťezí, which appear to have been plagiarized adopted from the Old Testament Book of Esdras.

According to the New World Encyclopedia, Czechoslovakia

…consisted of two predominant ethnic Slavic groups—Czechs and Slovaks—with Slovakia’s population half the Czech Republic’s. During World War II, Slovakia declared independence as an ally of the Nazi Germany, while the Czech lands were handed over to Hitler by the Allies in an act of appeasement. Czechoslovakia fell under the Soviet sphere of influence following liberation largely by the Soviet Union’s Red Army. It rejected the Marshall Plan, joined the Warsaw Pact, nationalized private businesses and property, and introduced central economic planning. The Cold War period was interrupted by the economic and political reforms of the Prague Spring in 1968. In November 1989, Czechoslovakia joined the wave of anti-Communist uprisings throughout the Eastern bloc and embraced democracy.

As it turns out, Pravda Vitezi (in English, of course) is an excellent motto for a conservative  group insofar as the Truth really DID prevail in Czechoslovakia with the defeat of communism – just as I’m sure it will prevail over the Wee One and the Jacobin thugs with whom he keeps company.

Czech-mate, Bill. You lose. Again.

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7 Responses to Thoughts on Reading Wee Willy Winky

  1. HeleneH says:

    And this little piggy went…
    “Wee wee wee” all the way home…

  2. Nadia says:

    Wee Willy is desperately trying to exert his manhood; first he attacks Barbara Gonzalez, an attractive and strong woman, (who I am sure just like it does for Eichman brings back bad memories of an awkward teenager who couldn’t get the pretty girl to give you the time of day, so of course all attractive women must now be punished) and then he thinks he can go after the Bulldog, hoping to prove that he is more significant than a gnat buzzing in your ear. Much like the crew of CNJ and CWA, Wee Willy should watch the kool-aid he is drinking over there since it has been known to cause microphallus, symptoms tend to be an inflated ego and a need to slander others to hide any shortcomings. Of course, considering his moniker it appears it’s already too late for Willy.
    To Gene, Willy, this is great fun, much like a cat playing with a mouse or, in the Bulldog’s case, treeing a cat. So please continue to amuse him with your baseless attacks, inaccuracies and poor attempts at prolific prose. See Willie, Gene is bright, very knowledgeable, has a quick wit and he has integrity, what that means is Gene will bury you every time. What you don’t understand Willie is that in the end, Gene comes out the bigger man in every way.

  3. truther says:

    Thanks Gene for an hysterical account of the weiner er, Weimar republic as written by the Master Winki Dink, Bill Winkler. He has become a characterization of himself and when you start imitating yourself, it means no one absolutely no one gives a rat’s ass about who you are or anything you say or do. Hey Winki, why not find a nice comfortable rock and go crawl back under it with the rest of the squiglly subterranean breatheran of yours.

  4. Barb says:

    I cannot stop laughing. All of you are too funny! Much funnier than reading Winkin, Blinkin and Nod!! And yes, it is like a cat playing with its mouse! Helene…wee wee wee!!!??? LOL!!!

  5. TP109 says:

    Another slap down for Twinkie Dinks. How many more will there be? He who would be an intellectual is umasked again as a pseudo…er… everything. His research is clearly on the level of a frosh… in high school…who hasn’t quite gotten the basics of historical research and doesn’t cite. Wait a minute…sloppy research…cherry picking information without full context…Holy Cow… shades of Mulshine!! Can another Mulshine-Twinkie column be far behind?

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