Those Darned Tea Party Nazis

These days, most public school teachers assigned to educate students on matters of politics, government, civics, social studies and related disciplines are ignorant, clueless, liberal statist drones whose efforts are not so much education as they are indoctrination. It’s a blanket statement, I know, and one that will earn me a serious raft of sh*t from those teachers who believe they do not fall into this catch-all category. And there’s a pretty good chance that, if they are faithful readers of this blog, they are correct. But their numbers are woefully few compared with the drones.

Case in point is a recent dust-up at a town hall meeting in Texas during which a local high school teacher deployed the dreaded “N” word. No, not that “N” word. I’m talking about the  “N” word that every liberal drone carries in his back pocket like a dull switchblade knife: hecalled the president of a local Tea Party a “nazi.” Perhaps he was channeling the Ghost of Nancy Pelosi past, who claimed that Tea Party folk carried “swastikaahs.”

“When you get to name calling that just shows that there is no logic to your argument any further. It’s all emotion, ” said George Rodriguez, President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

The teacher’s emotion came from a panelist’s comment that school administration should deport undocumented students.

“So you would have students in this room deported?” asked the teacher.

The panelist replied, “Yes, I would if they were illegal. You bet.”

Rodriguez also told the teacher if the person is here illegally, they are breaking the law.

“You know what I would have? I would have you teach more balanced – conservative,” added Rodriguez.

After those remarks is when the teacher made the Nazi comment saying, “You can just say what you are – a Nazi.”

Edgewood ISD will not be taking any disciplinary action against the teacher.

“He realized he shouldn’t have gone that far, and he gave us a statement and expressed his concern and regret,” said district spokesperson Maclovio Perez.

Perez adds the teacher was at the town hall meeting on his own time and students were invited, but not required to go. Perez went onto to say the teacher is a good educator and has been with the district for more than six years.

A good educator? Really? Does this drone have the vaguest understanding of what nazism is or the slightest inkling of who the nazis were? I’d love to question him on the substantive difference between nazism and communism after placing a ten to one odds $10 bet on the answer he would likely give so as to gleefully pocket a c-note after he responds that communism is left-wing and nazism is right wing.

You can also place a safe bet that the sharp end of the disciplinary stick would be employed  with extreme prejudice were the roles reversed and, at a town hall meeting where a liberal statist official defended Obamacare, a local conservative teacher rightly called the official a fascist.

Here’s the video of the exchange:

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2 Responses to Those Darned Tea Party Nazis

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  2. Kenny says:

    he’s not a good teacher if he’s indoctrinating students to the liberal cause. He’s not a good teacher if he does not know the difference between right and wrong. He is not a good teacher if he can not discern the difference between what’s legal and what’s illegal. He is not a good teacher if he can not teach Integrity, Character, Honor and Honesty. Is he truly, a good teacher?