The Winner of the 2012 NJ GOP Primary Will Be…

The Establishment candidate, of course. At this time, it appears that State Senator Joe Kyrillos will play the role of sacrificial RINO lamb opposite Bob Menendez’ Democrat wolf, thereby taking his much-deserved place in the GOP Squish Pantheon of Election Day Losers. But how can this be? Is it not true that no less a conservative stalwart than Mike Doherty – friend of Steve Lonegan and member of the Conservative Leadership Council – is preparing even now to challenge Kyrillos for the nomination?Isn’t 2012 supposed to be the year the GOP in New Jersey overpowers the RINO establishment and shellacks the Donks in a repeat of 2010?

Um…no – at least not in New Jersey, where the clay feet of the Republican Establishment are mere prosthetics in place of flesh-and-blood feet that have been shot so many times they had to be amputated.

But Bulldog,” you are doubtless asking, “how in God’s name can you possibly know with any ontological certitude that, assuming he decides to run, Jelly-Spine Joe will win the GOP primary next June?

Here’s my two-word answer: Anna Little.

“We’re filing with the Federal Election Commission tomorrow to open a campaign account,” Little told Politicker in an interview today at the State House, where she was attending the education choice rally and then networking through the halls on a big legislative committee day.

“If I weren’t serious about running (for Senate), we wouldn’t be doing this,” Little added when pressed about her intentions.

Little made her name by beating the Republican establishment choice, Diane Gooch, in last year’s primaries by just 84 votes; earning Little the Republican banner to use in her unsuccessful run against Rep. Frank Pallone for his Sixth District congressional seat.

Political analysts debate who a Little candidacy would hurt most – fellow Monmouth County resident Sen. Joe Kyrillos, R-Middletown, a close advisor to Gov. Christie, or Sen. Mike Doherty, the conservative firebrand from Washington Twp., Warren County, in the northwest part of the state.  Neither man has yet declared but both are rumored to be ready to jump into the race.

Strange  how these things play out in the course of Garden State politics, no? In January and February of this year the air was fragrant with Conservative Ascendancy: AFP’s Steve Lonegan was on the verge of rallying the Tea Party movement into a unified, statewide political army – boots on the ground in a campaign to secure a beach head in the State Legislature and propel Mike Doherty into the U.S. Senate. Think of it as Lonegan’s Legions… I’m pretty sure he did.

But a funny thing happened on the way to what could have been a watershed victory for Conservatism in the Garden State: I launched this site on July 4 and proceeded to unmask Lonegan and Doherty for the self-aggrandizing and power-hungry hacks they truly are.

I laid bare their support of Conservative New Jersey’s on-going campaign of libel and defamation against several Tea Party organizations that dared to stand up to Lonegan and refuse to blindly serve as handmaidens of his agenda.

I demonstrated with geometric precision that Steve Lonegan is a petty, venal man anxious to be the Capo de Tutti Capi of Conservatism in the Garden State at any price; I exposed Mike Doherty as a lying, back-stabbing, weasel who didn’t have the balls to yank the leash on Rob Eichmann and Bill Winkler and put an end to their campaign of personal destruction aimed primarily at the Bayshore Tea Party.

Finally, I introduced the Garden State to the real CNJ – the epicenter of knee-jerk Jacobinism under the rule of Dick Zuendt, who routinely makes the conservative good a mortal enemy of his own twisted vision of conservative perfection.

Long story short: while Movement Conservatism is still alive and thriving in New Jersey, the conservative movement – as a unified, statewide effort – is dead in the water, as evidenced by the returns from election day. Whether you thank me or blame me for this turn of events, the fact remains that I was merely the scalpel that lanced a festering boil. Now the pus is everywhere and it covers everything – including Steve Lonegan, Mike Doherty, Rob Eichmann, Bill Winkler and CNJ. Thanks, guys: next time consider INTEGRITY. What a concept, huh? It works every time it’s tried.

Assuming Mike Doherty throws his hat in the ring, he and Anna Little will split the Conservative vote on primary day in 2012, ensuring that the GOP Establishment candidate will emerge victorious. If the West Point Weasel has a lick of common sense, he’ll skip this race – and any future race – for higher office. His much deserved fate is to spend the rest of his life as a State Senator in the minority faction of a minority party.

That would leave Anna Little to face Joe Kyrillos in much the same fashion she faced Frank Pallone – and she can expect similar results, for the most part.

Bottom line: Bob “Ferret Face” Menendez will be reelected to another 6 year term in 2012. The state legislature will continue to pursue a liberal agenda of self-destruction, to which Chris Christie will respond by continuing to perform like a bloated leopard seal at town hall appearances. Idiots like Ann Coulter and Don Imus will continue to cheer him on even as more of the wealth producers abandon a Garden State that is going fallow.

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