The Week in Review – Apr 30 thru May 05

For those visitors who are unable to access Bulldog Pundit every day or who do not subscribe to the daily e-mail diary, I offer a weekly review of articles posted from Sunday through Saturday.

Sunday, April 29

Bulldog Cuisine – Das Wienerschnitzel (Gene Hoyas)

Anti-Bullying “Savagery” (Allen Fitzhugh)

She Mourns His Passing (Gene Hoyas)

Monday, April 30

Steve Malzberg Endorses David Larsen for Congress (Allen Fitzhugh)

The RINO in a Reagan Suit – Part 1 (Gene Hoyas)

Come, Mr. Taliban… (Allen Fitzhugh)

Tuesday, May 01

The Principled Conservative? Seriously? (Gene Hoyas)

Happy May…er… Labor Day (Allen Fitzhugh)

Wednesday, May 02

ACU Endorses David Larsen for Congress (Gene Hoyas)

The Afghanistan Agreement: Thanks, Neville Chamberlain (Allen Fitzhugh)

The Rino in a Reagan Suit – Part 2 (Gene Hoyas)

Thursday, May 03

Simon’s Edge™ – Vol. 42 (Gene Hoyas)

Will Romney’s Veep Choice Split the GOP? (Gene Hoyas)

Of Lies and Compression (Allen Fitzhugh)

The Unprincipled “Conservative” – Part 1 (Gene Hoyas)

Friday, May 04

Bayshore Tea Party Gives Thumbs Up to David Larsen (Gene Hoyas)

More Chens Than a Chinese Phonebook (Allen Fitzhugh)

The Unprincipled “Conservative” – Part 2 (Gene Hoyas)

Where is CNJ in the GOP Primary Race? (Gene Hoyas)

Saturday, May 05

And That’s Putting It Gently (Gene Hoyas)

A Tale of Two Julias (Allen Fitzhugh)

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