The Week in Review – Apr 08 thru Apr 14

For those visitors who are unable to access Bulldog Pundit every day or who do not subscribe to the daily e-mail diary, I offer a weekly review of articles posted from Sunday through Saturday.

Sunday, April 08

Bulldog Cuisine – 30 Clove Chicken (Gene Hoyas)

He is Risen! (Allen Fitzhugh)

Monday, April 09

The Duke as Roman Centurion? Not So Much. (Greg Caggiano)

The Frozen Incan Princess (Gene Hoyas)

Bill Cosby: The Gun Killed Trayvon (Allen Fitzhugh)

Tuesday, April 10

Mr. Qarmout and the Case of the Bogus Smokes (Gene Hoyas)

Simon’s Edge™ – Vol. 39 (Dr. Simon Atkins)

Wednesday, April 11

Mr. Qarmout & the Case of the Liquor License Transfer (Gene Hoyas)

Thursday, April 12

Mr. Qarmout and the Case of the Tobacco Settlement (Gene Hoyas)

Mr. Qarmout and the Mysterious Mr. Ellman (Gene Hoyas)

Friday, April 13

Meet the Next Governor of New Jersey (Gene Hoyas)

Evidently, Mitt and the GOP Don’t Need Conservatives (Allen Fitzhugh)

An Old Wooden Church in Poland (Gene Hoyas)

Saturday, April 14

About That Old Wooden Church in Poland… (Gene Hoyas)

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