The Week in Review – May 27 thru June 2

For those visitors who are unable to access Bulldog Pundit every day or who do not subscribe to the daily e-mail diary, I offer a weekly review of articles posted from Sunday through Saturday.

Sunday, May 27

Bulldog Cuisine: Brisket a la Bulldog (Gene Hoyas)

What Part of ‘Freedom of Religion’ Does Obama Not Understand? (Allen Fitzhugh)

Joltin’ Joe Kyrillos and the DREAM Act (Gene Hoyas)

Monday, May 28

In Memoriam (Gene Hoyas)

The Qarmout Immigration Plan: Part 1 (Gene Hoyas)

Memorial Day 2012: Honor Them All (Allen Fitzhugh)

The Qarmout Immigration Plan: Part 2 (Gene Hoyas)

Tuesday, May 29

Is Gov. Zeppelin’s Nod a Good Thing? (Gene Hoyas)

American Leadership in a Dangerous World (Allen Fitzhugh)

Video Listerine® (Gene Hoyas)

Wednesday, May 30

Innocence by Association? (Gene Hoyas)

Israel Hits the “Delete” Button on Iran (Allen Fitzhugh)

Thursday, May 31

A Perfect Test for Doobie Hypocrisy (Gene Hoyas)

Obama’s Polish Joke (Allen Fitzhugh)

Heralding the Truth About Leonard Lance? (Gene Hoyas)

Friday, June 01

There He Goes Again (Gene Hoyas)

Miami Cannibal: The Devil Made Him Do It (Allen Fitzhugh)

Saturday, June 02

Why I Don’t Do the Facebook Thing (Gene Hoyas)

Biochips: Safety or Subjugation? (Allen Fitzhugh)

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