The Week in Review – Mar. 04 thru Mar. 10, 2012

For those visitors who are unable to access Bulldog Pundit every day or who do not subscribe to the daily e-mail diary, I offer a weekly review of articles posted from Sunday through Saturday.

Sunday, March 04

Bulldog Cuisine – Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms (Gene Hoyas)

Rush Apologizes to an Activist (Allen Fitzhugh)

Monday, March 05

Limbaugh Stepped in It Big Time (Gene Hoyas)

Eric Holder’s DOJ: Covington, Boling…& West (Allen Fitzhugh)

Tuesday, March 06

Regarding Rush… (Brent Wahl)

Rush Limbaugh and the Liberal Blitzkrieg (Allen Fitzhugh)

Wednesday, March 07

Ay-OH-Way-to-Go,Carbonite (Gene Hoyas)

Barack Alinsky (Brent Wahl)

A Split Decision on Super Tuesday (Allen Fitzhugh)

Thursday, March 08

Simon’s Edge™ – Vol. 35 (Dr. Simon Atkins)

Obama Won’t Touch Out-of-Control Gas Prices (Allen Fitzhugh)

Friday, March 09

Meet Professor Derrick Bell (Brent Wahl)

Obama Barters With Bibi: A Bomb for Peace (Allen Fitzhugh)

Saturday, March 10

Requiem for a Bad Dog (Allen Fitzhugh)

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