The Week in Review – Apr. 01 thru Apr. 07, 2012

For those visitors who are unable to access Bulldog Pundit every day or who do not subscribe to the daily e-mail diary, I offer a weekly review of articles posted from Sunday through Saturday.

Sunday, April 01

Bulldog Cuisine: Fast & Easy Chicken Noodle Soup (Gene Hoyas)

What is a Christian American Conservative? (Allen Fitzhugh)

Monday, April 02

Romney and Those Darned Christians (Allen Fitzhugh)

Tuesday, April 03

Mr. Qarmout and the Case of the Pesky Lawn Signs (Gene Hoyas)

Simon’s Edge™ – Vol. 38 (Dr. Simon Atkins)

Obama vs. SCOTUS: Falls Count Anywhere (Allen Fitzhugh)

Wednesday, April 04

Sometimes It Pays To Pick Up The Phone And Call (Gene Hoyas)

The United States of America vs. Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Allen Fitzhugh)

Thursday, April 05

Mr. Qarmout and the Case of the Late Tax Payments (Gene Hoyas)

The Muslim Brotherhood Visits the White House (Allen Fitzhugh)

Friday, April 06

Living Rent Free in Their Silly Heads (Gene Hoyas)

The Bileworm Memorandum (Gene Hoyas)

Spinning Obama’s Supreme Court “Gaffe” (Allen Fitzhugh)

Passover Has Begun (Gene Hoyas)

Saturday, April 07

Agnus Dei, Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi, Miserere Nobis (Gene Hoyas)

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