The Two If By Tea Taste Test Challenge

As a Charter Dittohead (I started listening on August 15, 1988), I’ve learned to trust Rush Limbaugh when it comes to all matters political and football. But when he announced that he launched his own brand of iced tea, I figured he had finally lost it and it wouldn’t be long before he got his own padded suite at the Whackadoo Hilton.

How good could this iced tea really be? I held off ordering it until August, when it occurred to me that if anybody in America today would know anything about iced tea, it would have to be…a Tea Party group. Of course!

So I headed out to the Middletown, NJ headquarters of the Bayshore Tea Party with a couple of cases of Two If By Tea along with two other brands of iced tea. There I would put Rush’s new iced tea to the test – a blind taste test.

The taste test panel consisted of Bayshore Tea Party founders Barbara Gonzalez and Bob Gordon along with Kathy, Frank, Lynn and Mary.

Here’s the video documentary of what happened that remarkable day in August:

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4 Responses to The Two If By Tea Taste Test Challenge

  1. Joli says:

    Wow! You guys were awesome!

  2. Barb says:

    I think it’s Emmy worthy!!! LOL. Great job Bulldog!!!

  3. Janet Gage says:

    Bob, you’re a natural! :) And a minimum of $100,000 of the profits go to The Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation? HUAH!

  4. Kenny says:

    I’m sold – goin to order some for me now. :)