The Truth Never Fears the Light of Day

You will know a man of integrity by this sign: he will stand by what he has formally stated, written or published and will not run from it or hide it from view when the time comes to make a public accounting or examination of his words. A man of integrity who speaks the truth has no fear of the consequences that may follow. On the other hand, a man of shady character who employs slander, libel, defamation and character assassination in a carefully-woven fabric of lies, distortions, insinuation and innuendo lives in terror of his handiwork. When his words are exposed to the light of day he will, like a cockroach, scurry for the cover of darkness.

Thus, it came to pass that in the wake of my letter to GOP State Committee Chairman Samuel Raia two of the posts authored by State Committeeman Rob Eichmann published at Conservatives With Attitude that were cited in the letter…have mysteriously vanished.

Were the deletions the result of a technical glitch? Or were they purposely deleted by Michael Illions – possibly at the request of State Committeeman Rob Eichmann, lest the Chairman of the State Committee see for himself what this wretched excuse for a Republican has written? Given Illions recent behavior, I’m inclined to believe the latter. If it turns out to be true, then shame on Michael Illions, who will have exposed himself as a remorseless partisan hack who aided and abetted a weasel’s attempt to cover up his tracks, making him every bit as guilty as Committeeman Eichmann.

Not a problem. I’ve quoted extensively from several of Committeeman Eichmann’s posts in various responses I’ve published on THIS site. Links to these will be dispatched privately tomorrow. Even if he will be unable to read the original posts, Mr. Raia will have an opportunity to read my responses. So much the better.

The truth will prevail and Committeeman Eichmann will have a whole lotta ‘splaining to do to Mr. Raia, the State Committee and the New Jersey GOP.

Update: at 6:13 PM this evening, Mike Illions posted the following response to an inquiry regarding the missing posts:

My final post on this blog was going to be the Tea Party Traitor post from SUNDAY. As you can see on the menu bar above, it was posted in it’s own section, (Commissioners Corner), with no other posts or comments available.

Since Sunday however, I posted some additional commentary.

So, the answer to your question is yes, EVERYTHING has been removed from before my commentary from Sunday, and no, it was not on purpose or in response to any other blogger’s posts or comments, as that just happened today from reading your comment.

FYI: Nothing has been deleted, all posts are in “Pending Approval” mode with all the comments.

Hmmm…is it possible that “The Knish” is taking my advice to quit blogging and devote his time to the Pediatric Hydrocephalous Foundation? Time will tell.

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2 Responses to The Truth Never Fears the Light of Day

  1. dloosend says:

    Like there is any doubt the cowardly knish aided and abetted eichwoman.

  2. I am Sparticus says:

    I posted on CWA the following:

    “I have also been very clear to distance myself from the other blog involved, (CNJ), as I have no allegiance or alliance with them.” Mike Illians

    Two posts have been removed from this site:

    at the request of Rob Eichmann? why would that be? Part of New Jersey State Republican Committeeman Eichmann’s attack on Bayshore Tea Party has been that “bayshore’s taking down posts to hide…(fill in the blank)

    Now this website is taking down articles that don’t shine too brightly on him.

    Nothing to do with CNJ? You can’t possibly be serious. Stop all the psychotic stuff, start asking reasonable questions, & you’ll actually get a response.
    No one is willing to cede even one point here on anything, & that’s the definition of unreasonable.

    And one other thing, saying you’re not in bed with CNJ makes you look like a liar and a fool, insulting everyone’s intelligence.
    Give it a rest……

    I hope to hear from someone soon….