The Truth Behind Eichmann’s “Racism Report”

I can almost imagine the creepy look of smug satisfaction on Committeeman Rob Eichmann’s face when he clicked the “publish” button to post his latest screed – a piece ostensibly dedicated to the goings-on of the GOP state committee, but actually a pretext for crowing about how the NJGOP State Committee condemned racism and racial stereotyping in response to allegedly racist photographs published by me and several others. Strangely enough, his “report to the members” made no mention whatsoever of an undeniably racist incident involving a Republican Assemblyman that took place in August. But more of that later.

As it turns out, a good friend of mine is a State Committeeman and was present at that meeting. He is a person of unimpeachable character whose reputation for integrity and probity go beyond the borders of the county he represents.  I recently sent him a snippet from Committeeman Eichmann’s article that referenced his report and the vote taken by the committee on the racism issue and we discussed the matter over the phone.

For readers to fully appreciate the nuance of this story, they must understand the relationship between the NJGOP and Rob Eichmann: many members of the State Committee regard him as  an oddball and a renegade. Eichmann himself has often complained of being treated as a pariah and an outcast. My source confirms this, adding that Eichmann always tends to be very negative at these meetings, while the Chairman and other members strive to keep the tone a positive one.

He added that when Governor Christie nominated Samuel Raia as the  chairman of the State Committee, Eichmann nominated his own candidate to oppose Raia. He lost, of course, and later, in an article posted at CNJ, complained that Chairman Raia was reluctant to meet with him and generally ignored him. Eichmann concluded the piece by comparing New Jersey under Raia with New Jersey under Gov. Jon Corzine.

Now for the meeting itself. According to Committeeman Eichmann:

As my colleagues entered the meeting room last night they were handed a copy of a report, titled “report-to-the-members”. Their reaction to the report was one of astonishment as many members could be seen reacting in horror to what it contained.

My source observed that Eichmann handed out the brochures to each of the members before the meeting began. Many tucked the “report” into their pockets or  among the minutes and agenda without even reading it and instead concentrated on the official meeting agenda that was packed with action items – none of which included Eichmann’s “report.” He did not recall seeing expressions of horror – although he did hear occasional laughter.

One is left wondering: if this “report” was of such vital importance to the well-being of the NJGOP, why didn’t Committeeman Eichmann have it entered into the official minutes of the meeting? Perhaps he attempted to do so but was rebuffed by Chairman Raia, who understands that it’s a one-sided smear job, confirming what is already commonly known: Rob Eichmann is mendacity personified and a total stranger to character, probity and integrity.

During the “New Business” portion of the meeting I made a motion that in light of the “report-to-the-members” that was distributed we should vote to re-affirm our very strong stand against racism and the use of racial stereotypes in any form.

According to my source, here is what actually happened: shortly before making his motion, Committeeman Eichmann announced that he had earlier given a hand-out to the committee members and asked if everyone had received a copy. He then made the motion to re-affirm the 2007 resolution. At no time did he ever make a connection between the two. Apparently Chairman Raia saw through the gambit and interrupted Eichmann not one but twice to declare emphatically that the motion was not related to any specific issue or individual.

The Republican State Committee had faced a similar situation in 2007, and was unanimous and strong in their condemnation of that incident.  I am happy to say that last night was no different, as the resolution regarding racism was re-affirmed in a unanimous vote by the State Committee.

All the State Committee did was reaffirm a previous resolution. The vote had absolutely nothing to do with Eichmann’s spurious “Racism Report” – which was never entered into the official minutes of the meeting.

As conservatives, and as Republicans, it is important to always take a strong stand and make a statement against racial stereotyping and violent rhetoric in political discourse.  I am proud to say that the Republican State Committee did just that, and did it unanimously last night. [emphasis added]

Interesting. And just how concerned IS Committeeman Eichmann with the destructive effects of racism on the GOP in the Garden State? Not so much, it seems – at least not where it has no practical use as a weapon in his campaign against the Tea Party movement: on August 22 the conservative blogosphere was ablaze with the news that State Assemblyman Pat Denaly (LD-08) abruptly resigned after his wife sent an angry e-mail to candidate Carl Lewis that contained the following passage:

“Imagine, not having to pay NJ state income taxes…It must be nice. Imagine getting a court ruling overturned so your name could get put on the ballot. Imagine having dark skin and name recognition and the nerve to think that equalled (sic) knowing something about politics.  Sure, knowing someone with fat purse strings is nice, but you have no knowledge.”

It may sound like a racist remark to you and me, but apparently not to Committeeman Eichmann: to this day, the pages of CNJ contain nary a word from him about how his delicate, racially-enlightened sensibilities were offended by Mrs. Denaly’s remark. He never included this  incident in the laundry list of offenses he presented to the State Committee nor made any mention of it at the meeting.

Pat Denaly’s district isn’t very far from Gloucester County and it beggars belief that Committeeman Eichmann could have been unaware of the controversy. Yet this paragon of racial sensitivity and self-anointed race-relations watchdog of the GOP wrote not a single word of outrage or condemnation. Not one word.

To quote Eichmann: This is troubling.

My allegedly racist article was posted on August 31. One would have expected his response to have been swift – within a couple of days, at least. I know that he regularly monitors my posts because previous responses to other articles I wrote were sometimes made within 24 hours after I posted them. Yet no response was forthcoming until two weeks later on September 14, when the specter of racism abruptly reared its ugly head in the GOP and the time had come for Committeeman Eichmann to save the Garden State from a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan. Why the sudden pressing concern over the presence of racism in the Garden State?

Insofar as Committeeman Eichmann isn’t the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer, it’s a safe bet that someone else – perhaps Bill Winkler – explained to him that if he played the racism card and brought the matter before the GOP State Committee, Eichmann couldn’t possibly lose: establishment Republicans are pathologically terrified of the “racist” label and would stampede each other to vote in favor of ANY resolution condemning racism. In turn, Committeeman Eichmann could claim afterward that the NJGOP officially condemned as racists those bloggers and Tea Party activists he so bitterly despises.

But the gambit backfired and the smoking gun is Eichmann’s deliberate omission of the Denaly e-mail scandal, which demonstrates beyond argument that his crusade to abolish racism in the GOP is nothing more than a ham-handed ploy to manipulate the  State Committee into giving its imprimatur on yet another one of his tawdry smear campaigns.

For political hacks like Eichmann, real-world racism – the kind that actually hurts people -  is not an end, but a means to an end…a tool used to achieve a short-term tactical goal that is discarded after the mission is accomplished. In the final analysis, Eichmann cares not a whit more about the scourge of racism today than he did a month ago.

To me (and, I’m sure, a great many others) this is far more reprehensible than the random appearance of what may or may not be considered a “racist” or “stereotypical” internet photo, because it directly reflects on Committeeman Eichmann’s appalling hypocrisy and abysmal lack of integrity.

In this respect, Committeeman Eichmann is the melanin-deficient, GOP counterpart to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson – a cynical, manipulative, race-baiting phony who swallows a blatantly racist camel but gags on a questionably racist gnat for no purpose other than scoring cheap points over his perceived enemies.

The gnat that triggered Eichmann’s faux outrage is a photoshopped image of a pimped out Obama that accompanied an article I posted on my site. Eichmann is likely too young to remember, but outrageously flamboyant outfits were all the rage in the 1970s and pimps of every race and color decked themselves out in as much sartorial splendor as they could.

Hell, even Seinfeld’s Cosmo Kramer pimped himself out – if only briefly – and the pimp outfit has since transcended its time and place to symbolize ANY individual who presides over a gathering of whores, be they sexual or political. Thus the Obama-as-Pimp meme. Now go to Google images and type in the name of any famous non-black male followed by the word pimp to see what I mean. “Reagan pimp” yields one or two pretty funny photoshopped pics.

In truth, Eichmann’s charge betokens not just pop culture ignorance but benign racism: in order for his claim to make any sense, one must assume that every pimp in the 1970s was black and that most black men were pimps – a patently racist assumption, since many pimps in the 70s were white or Hispanic and most black men (like most white or Hispanic men) would rather NOT be pimps.

It reminds me of the hysteria over Newt Gingrich’s “Obama is the food stamp president” remark: liberals and other halfwits immediately screamed racism because in their minds, the only recipients of food stamps were  black Americans – a patently racist assumption, since the percentage of whites who receive food stamps is far greater than the percentage of blacks.

In the final analysis, Committeeman Rob Eichmann – the dimwitted stooge of Boss Lonegan and clueless tool of Bill Winkler – now finds himself hoist with his own petard: in addition to liar, weasel, political hack and hypocrite, he now has the dubious distinction of being the GOP State Committee’s very own resident racist.

Bulldog Pundit readers are encouraged to copy and paste the link to this article, portions of this article or the entire article itself into the body of an e-mail and send it to Samuel Raia at the following address: One can only hope that, going forward, Mr. Raia will avoid Committeeman Eichmann completely.

After all…who wants to associate with a notorious racist?

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14 Responses to The Truth Behind Eichmann’s “Racism Report”

  1. HeleneH says:

    This is sad, it seems to me, mostly from Eichmann’s writings, that he has some serious problems. Maybe, for his own well being, he will seek professional mental health services.

  2. dloosend says:

    A 2×4 accross the back of the head has been known to “get people’s minds right”.

  3. dloosend says:

    Taking a closer look at BOB’s face, methinks l know where my gerbil went…………

  4. owleyepundit says:

    If the GOP and conservative movement don’t denounce this man he has the power to cripple both the conservative movement and the GOP in New Jersey. The GOP is shooting itself in the liver to silence its conscience.

  5. Dana Pearson says:

    Great article! I am glad you obtained the “rest of the story”. I thought something was wrong, when Eichmann did not print the minutes. We can all condemn racism (especially racism in political campaigns) and all also condemn Eichmann’s smear tactics.

  6. Kenny says:

    You tore this guy apart so bad – I feel sorry for him. NOT. :)

  7. 1Prop says:

    It really appears that this Eichmann guy is mentally unstable and a danger to himself and others. People like him will cause the fall of the GOP and the demise of the conservative movement in NJ. It’s a shame, just when we are making progress, this clown is making trouble where it doesn’t exist. Makes you wonder if he’s really that loony or if he’s just the ignorant puppet of someone else.

  8. dloosend says:

    lt’s now time for the GOP, in order to maintain credibility, do what the Tea Party does
    and denounce the crazies who distort our message. People admire principles and honesty.

  9. Frank Jack Fiamingo says:

    This article is simply another installment in a childish contest to see who can more artfully distort the truth. There is no hope for either Conservative Republicans or the TEA Party as long as this nonsense continues. Rational, thinking individuals look at this drivel from both sides and run as far as they can in the opposite direction. Keep it up and we will wind up with more of the same waste of human protoplasm in Trenton as we currently have. Great Job. Neither side has the sense of a common barn door.

    • Gene Hoyas says:

      Kindly direct my readers to any distortion of the truth on my part – but please don’t hold your breath while trying to do so, because you’ll pass out.

      Spare us your hypocritical whining, Frank. I already answered you on this subject. And I’m pretty sure you already know where to stick the olive branch.

      • Barb says:

        Oh Gene, Gene, Gene….don’t ever go away! In only 4 lines, you have managed to answer a question, respond to a criticism and make me laugh. Again.
        Mr. Fiamingo needs to understand something. If someone out there can artfully, and eloquently report the truth repudiating the lies and slanderous remarks made about himself and certain other individuals, why shouldn’t he? He does not distort the truth or lie….he gives readers a place to find out the truth. I for one, am appreciative. If you do not like what you read here, may I suggest that you simply do not read it. The choice of course, is yours. But, oohhhh…you would be missing so much fun!

    • TP109 says:

      Please don’t waste our time with your transparent attempt to play the paternal admonishing uncle when you are clearly the cnj alter ego here to feign some type of adult status . Everyone here sees through the phoniness, and you have become a caricature. We know to simply write off as piteous, any thing you write here.

    • I am Sparticus says:

      You already recieved your answer from the born-again RINO Rob with his “report” to the NJGOP, accompanied by more tawdry intimations on the Certifiable Nut Jobs website.
      You can’t expect anyone on the recieving end of his vitriol to sit idly by. Not happening.
      A review of previous posts on CNJ (at least those that haven’t been taken down by the hypocrits) will show more than many attempts to moderate the tone. Look up the infamous “Scumbags” article, & come back here & tell me who the scumbags are.
      There are some serious pissed off people. Eishmann & his minions will be held accountable. Friend of the Illegal immigrants Lonegan can get in line too.
      They’ll all get their just desserts.

  10. lg1015 says:

    “Certifiable Nut Jobs” ROTFLMAO!