The True Face of Racism

It’s finally reached the point of derision – the point where a once noble cause has become a caricature of itself by virtue of the caricatures of righteous outrage who hijacked and perverted it – much as one hijacks an automobile and then “pimps the ride,” so to speak.

But be careful when using that term: there are those who will solemnly condemn you as a racist because, as everyone knows, “pimp” refers to a man who procures prostitutes – and since only black men are pimps, the use of the term necessarily invokes a racial stereotype, thereby making you an eeeeevil racist.

At least that’s the logic employed by today’s race-baiters and race-hucksters – despite the fact that not all black men are pimps and not all pimps are black men.

Some – I call them True Believers and Useful Idiots – sincerely believe that American society hasn’t evolved since the colonial days and we are still a nation of white people dominating and abusing non-white people. I suspect that most of these folks are in serious need of (a) an extended course in American history taught by a non-Marxist professor and/or  (b) serious couch time in the office of an accredited psychotherapist.

Others – I call them the Cynical Manipulators – know fully well that race-relations in America today are better than in any other country on the planet. But they also know that the age-old tactic of “divide and conquer” still plays a crucial role in partisan politics – especially in the age of Barack Obama. For them, true racism is “pimped out” like an an old automobile and transformed into a sleek and entirely different conveyance intended not for a journey to racial parity and concord, but rather, racial divide and strife. For these, racism is a bucket of hot political tar and they the brushes that smear opponents with baseless, trivial or contrived accusations designed to stick like glue on contact.

No less a conservative heavyweight than Mychal Massie cuts through the brambles to expose the ugly heart of this ugly practice:

Blacks like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Michelle Obama, Louie Farrakhan and all the blacks who believe them, you are right – white racism does exist, and it is spelled “arrogant elitist white liberal.”

I don’t do nice and I’m not particularly fond of elitist liberals, but I am absolutely intolerant of a condescending, racist Punchinello like Mary Anne Marsh. I have long held that we wipe our feet after walking through the chicken yard, and elitist white liberal pundits like Marsh are like appendages that expel the reason for wiping our feet.

On a recent Fox News program – with a smug rebuke that typifies elite white liberals – Marsh condescendingly scolded Fox News contributor Angela McGowan, telling her that she was, in effect, in denial for not admitting that only a racist would raise questions Obama’s college records. Her arrogance closely resembled the unctuousness of her counterpart who was found pushing the benefit of eating apples in the Garden of Eden.

She is nothing short of an elitist liberal racist, projecting her mores and viewpoints unto others when they legitimately question the hidden areas of Obama’s life – that every president and leader in the history of the world has freely provided. It is unconscionable for her to piously use code-speak suggesting Angela McGowan is shilling for conservatives. And every person of color watching or listening knew that was exactly what she meant.

Amen. It is no less racist to assume that black Americans are incapable of maximizing their liberty without government assistance than it is to blindly assume that all pimps are black.

But try explaining that to those who really don’t care one way or the other. For them, the “racism” tar brush  is nothing more than a cynical weapon in the political arsenal.

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