The Thomasization of Herman Cain Begins

It didn’t take long for the jackals at MSNBC – a cable news network that apparently relishes its role as a mouthpiece for the Democrat National Committee despite its abysmally low ratings – to pick up the political scent of a particularly dangerous front runner in the GOP pre-primary and go in for the kill. Unfortunately for them, Herman Cain is no Clarence Thomas. And I say this with all due respect to Justice Thomas, who had no choice to sit quietly and endure the lashings of Democrat plantation master Ted Kennedy back in the late 1980s. Herman Cain, on the other hand, is running for the GOP presidential nomination and is not restricted by the nuances of protocol that govern a U.S. Senate hearing.

Herman Cain has already decided to be Herman Cain. And so it was with no small measure of satisfaction that I watched him verbally bitch slap Lawrence O’Donnell in the course of the latter’s attempt to characterize him as “just not black enough’” to qualify as an African-American candidate. But don’t take my word for it: watch this unbelievably offensive interview:

Part 1

Part 2

The folks at RealClearPolitics called it perfectly:

Lawrence O’Donnell tries to pit Herman Cain as anti-black and a draft dodger in a bizarre interview that didn’t seem have to a point other than to attack Mr. Cain. However, the GOP presidential candidate remained poised throughout.

Mr. Cain worked for the Navy in the field of ballistics during the war. Lawrence O’Donnell? He received a deferment since he was attending college.

O’Donnell tried to paint Cain as some sort of traitor to blacks because he didn’t participate in protests and sit-ins during the Civil Rights era.

“I did not insult the intelligence of all black Americans,” Herman Cain said about his ‘brainwashing’ comment. “I insulted the attitude of those that will not consider an alternate idea.” He also said black voters “did not consider my statement insulting because a lot of them are thinking for themselves.”

“Now, if they want to talk about insulting, they need to look at the president when he talks to the Congressional Black Caucus and insulted black people, in my opinion, by telling them to take off their slippers and put on their marching boots when he has had nothing but failed policies,” Cain said in response to Lawrence accusing him of insulting black Americans.

Game, set and match for Herman Cain, who totally pwned socialist tool Lawrence O’Donnell and gave us a taste of how he plans to deal with this racist drek going forward.

Oh yes…O’Donnell is a racist – as are all those in the Democrat Party leadership. Racists, all of them. In their minds, the African-American community still resides on a plantation – there to be carefully managed and brainwashed to continue voting for the very policies and agendas that keep them shackled…on the Democrat Plantation.

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3 Responses to The Thomasization of Herman Cain Begins

  1. Barb says:

    Again…..Gettin on the Cain Train!! The response from most of the people I talk with is amazing. Herman is rising in the polls. For good reason. Great article, Gene. Of course. : )

  2. Lorraine says:


  3. owleyepundit says:

    Cain’s ability to think under fire and redefine the gotcha’ questions is breathtaking. If Cain wins the Presidency, his performance in the face of this character assassination might play a large part. And for Pettifogger O’Donnell, that would be sweet justice.