The Sweet Taste of Vindication

Once more, the Zoo Crew at Conservative New Jersey can thank your humble scrivener for the spike in their web traffic due entirely to yesterday’s response to yet another of Rockin Robbo Eichmann’s less-than-sober fulminations against the Bayshore Tea Party Group. In this case, the comment section of Eichmann’s latest masterpiece was a beehive of contention – and while that may be a good thing for CNJ web traffic, it bodes ill for the overall health of the conservative movement in New Jersey if the content of the comments is any indicator.

In a nutshell, the Eichmeister lays the blame for the election of socialist Patrick Noble to the Red Bank Regional High School District school board at the feet of the Bayshore Tea Party because, in the twisted kaleidoscope that comprises his vision of reality, they had the temerity to invite Noble to address the group early last year. (Nota Bene: no Democrat candidate had the cojones to accept BTPG’s invitation to address their group).

And so the teenage socialist trekked to the  Bayshore HQ where he delivered a ten minute sales pitch for collectivism before being pummeled with contentious questions for nearly two hours afterward by BTPG members who were, to say the least, less than impressed with either socialism or its youthful messenger.

The matter would have ended there but for Robbo’s not-so-brilliant plan a couple of months later to use Noble’s appearance as a cudgel to attack the Bayshore Group for daring to stand up to Boss Lonegan. His effort had the unintended consequential effect of  drawing attention to Noble’s campaign which, in turn received a huge boost in terms of money and support.

How do I know this? Pat Noble himself tells us:

There you have it, dear readers: thanks to Eichmann’s colossal stupidity, Pat Noble’s political career got a high octane boost that it enabled the young socialist to win a seat on a local school board a year and a half later.

So is this the end of the story? Will Eichmann benefit from the lesson and move on? If his latest comment is any indicator, don’t count on it.

This is the only elected socialist in the state, right in [Bayshore's] own front yard and with their blessing and help.

Even when the evidence is laid bare for the world to see, Eichmann still peddles his stock in trade -  the lies, distortions and besmirchment that are not the hallmark of a Movement Conservative but rather, the calling card of an Alinskyite thug.

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