The Stench of Hypocrisy is Strong in This One

As anyone not living under a rock knows by now, this past Saturday witnessed the heartbreaking spectacle of Herman Cain announcing that he was suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in the wake of a sustained and highly coordinated smear campaign involving accusations of sexual harassment and adultery that were accompanied by an appalling absence of probative evidence to substantiate any of the claims.

Unfortunately, in this age of Trial by Liberal Media, the multiplicity of the accusations compensates for any lack of substantive evidence and the conservative victim ultimately is found guilty in the court of public opinion. The liberal victim, of course, always gets a free pass.

On the same day Cain made his announcement, Barbara Gonzalez of the Bayshore Tea Party – a strong supporter of Herman Cain and no stranger to the receiving end of baseless accusations and outright defamation – issued a statement expressing her profound disappointment and regret over the end of Cain’s candidacy.

Dear Friends,

Today, upon the announcement of the suspension of the campaign of Herman Cain, I find myself very disappointed.  Very.

I am disappointed in the media for not reporting news, but for controlling the message with their ideology.

I am disappointed in the people who withdrew their support for Mr. Cain based on unproven allegations and due to smear campaign tactics. These people did exactly what the people responsible for the tactics wanted them to do. They did it with Sarah Palin and now with Mr. Cain. Who is next? Will you again follow and withdraw until the candidate “they” want is elected?

I am disappointed because there is no place in America for Conservatives….especially black Conservatives and female Conservatives. Many of you seem to be swayed and taken by smooth talking, polished insiders that say exactly what you want to hear.

I am also proud. I am proud of the Bayshore Tea Party Group and The Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots for taking a stand against the establishment and the media to aggressively support the candidate that they believed in.

I am proud of the Ron Paul supporters in our groups. They stand by their candidate. They do not falter and/or cave. There is something to be said for that.

Now, will our groups want to endorse another candidate? I do not know that at this time. As far as I am concerned, if one of the other Conservative candidates does not win the primary, I will write in Herman Cain or Sarah Palin. I will not fall in step, I will not follow like sheeple, I will not compromise my vote.

That decision makes many angry because they say Obama will win.   Well, I will not be fooled by another candidate that will still dance us toward Socialism, albeit a bit slower and much more quietly.

I will continue to fight this while I am still here and able. I will not leave it to my children and grandchildren. I will not leave them to know that I followed and let it happen without a fight.

In closing, I want to thank everyone who supported Herman Cain, the Bayshore Tea Party Group and Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots throughout this process.

Barbara Gonzalez

That evening, I received an e-mail from a member of the Bayshore group who directed my attention to an article posted at Conservative New Jersey by an angry Dick Zuendt (Jacobin-in-Chief), who explains why Cain was “lynched by the Good Old Boys in the RINO party.”

Herman Cain had everything I believe that the next Republican Presidential Candidate should have and that is the very reason he scared the hell out of the “Good Old Boys” of the party…

Zuendt concludes that Ginny White “…now has another ‘sugar daddy’ in the form of one of the ‘Good Old Boy’ Republicans to keep her bank account filled.”

Obviously, Dick doesn’t do much research or deep thinking and instead opts for the standard, knee-jerk Jacobin response: the GOP establishment is controlled by a cabal of evil, wicked country club RINO bluebloods who will stop at nothing to destroy True Conservatives, lest they succeed in bringing the party back to its Reaganite roots.

Apparently, he doesn’t understand the true nature of the Establishment GOP: for all practical purposes, it might just as well be The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight and much like F-Troop of 1960s comedy television fame, when the RNC fires the cannon, it always manages to hit the watch tower. These blithering idiots can’t formulate – much less execute – a cohesive, consistent and comprehensive campaign strategy in support of a candidate they favor. Does Zuendt seriously think these Corporal Agarns have the wherewithal to mount a successful stealth campaign of personal destruction as exquisitely detailed and executed as this one was? Seriously?

There is also the nature of the attack itself: for all their faults, flaws and peccadilloes, the GOP establishment simply does not employ this particular modus operandi, nor would they need to: had Dick availed himself of the Republican pundits, he would have discovered that the GOP leadership – the so-called “Good Old Boys Network” – never took Cain or his candidacy seriously. Even after Cain surged ahead in the polls, they figured he was just another flavor of the week and that his popularity would plummet much like Bachmann’s and Perry’s did. No one in the Establishment ever seriously considered Cain to be a threat and, ironically, were it not for David Axelrod and the Obama Chicago Campaign Machine, they would have seen their assessment of Cain proven totally wrong.

Herman Cain wasn’t brought down by the RINO Establishment but by Obama’s campaign henchmen and for a very good reason – of all the GOP presidential contenders, Herman Cain was the greatest threat to Barack Obama for reasons he himself outlined to Byron York of the Washington Examiner:

…many Republicans have internalized the Democratic/liberal criticism that they oppose Obama because he is black and that whenever they attack the president on this or that issue, the real motivation behind it is race.  Herman Cain, they believe, could take it to Obama without all that racial baggage.

“Here’s my theory,” said Cain, leaning forward in his chair.  “Let’s talk about the current field of Republican candidates.  They can’t go after Obama as hard as I can because they’re not black.  I think that, either subconsciously or deliberately, they are being coached to not say it a certain way, that you’re going to be labeled a racist and the liberal media is going to try to bring you down, because they still want to protect their precious Obama.”

Cain believes his audiences are a different story. “The voters, they hear my message first, not ‘He could take it to Obama,’ because they are more concerned about stopping Obama than taking it to Obama,” he explained.  “This is what I’m hearing and this is what I’m feeling.  And the race card is going to be short-lived if Herman Cain gets the nomination.”

THAT, my friends, is the reason Obama’s attack dogs took down Herman Cain. Only a Jacobin or an ignoramus (or both, in Zuendt’s case) would persist in the belief that the Herminator was the victim of GOP fratricide. Then again, Jacobins take more delight in consuming their own than they do in defeating the real enemy.

Worse than stupidity, however, is hypocrisy and in Zuendt’s case, it is delivered in a truckload quantity with jaw-dropping, breath-taking chutzpah: only a Jacobin like Dick Zuendt – who spearheaded a nine month long campaign of false accusations and outrageous defamation on his website in an effort to destroy the Bayshore Tea Party and anyone allied or even associated with them – would have the temerity to point the bony finger of accusation and utter the word “lynching.”

It was Zuendt – together with fellow attack dogs Rob Eichmann and Bill Winkler – who viciously defamed and besmirched the Bayshore Tea Party with the consenting approval of the Good Old Boys Conservative Network here in New Jersey – generally known as the Conservative Leadership Council, but more specifically in the persons of Steve “Boss Hog” Lonegan and Mike “The West Point Weasel” Doherty.

For the first six months of this year and with the full approbation of Lonegan and Doherty, Zuendt & Co. conducted their own high tech lynching, hurling every manner of accusation, innuendo, insinuation and libel against the Bayshore group, Barbara Gonzalez, Bob Gordon, Mark Falzon, the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots, RoseAnn Salanitri and the Sussex County Tea Party – all of whom are stalwart conservatives and none of whom deserved the abuse they received. It was an effort that would have earned a grin of envious approval from David Axelrod – particularly because it was a successful exercise in conservative fratricide.

Shortly after I founded this website on July 4, I stood up to Lonegan’s goons and defended Bayshore; I pleaded with Steve Lonegan and Mike Doherty to put a stop to the attacks, going so far as to warn Doherty that the controversy was a deadly serious one with nasty consequences, which I outlined in a subsequent e-mail to Star Ledger conservo-gnostic kook and hack Paulbot columnist Paul Mulshine:

  1. A deepening of the rancor and bad blood that currently exists between the antagonists and the Bayshore group;
  2. The direct or indirect involvement of the Conservative Leadership Caucus in this controversy;
  3. A serious rift and possible schism in both the Tea Party movement and the conservative movement in New Jersey;
  4. Considerable damage to the brand equity of Lonegan, Doherty and CLC itself as the result of a protracted war of words that inevitably dredges up the kind of information best left buried in the past;
  5. Full-blown internecine warfare in conservative ranks that would effectively kill it it as a force of opposition to liberals and Democrats in the state legislature, thereby ensuring a nearly clean sweep of Donks in the 2011 and 2012 election cycles.

As it turns out, both Lonegan and Doherty stood fast with their attack dogs. I was proven right on every count and will be proven correct again in 2012: if he decides to run, Mike Doherty will lose the GOP primary.

No wonder Dick’s Internet rankings are in the toilet – he’s a less-than-useful tool for the less-than-relevant Lonegan Machine. These days, CNJ is a hollow shell of a once great conservative advocacy site that now devotes most of its bandwidth to shilling for Doherty’s Fair School Funding Plan (which will never see the light of legislative day but serves to polish the West Point Weasel’s conservative creds for the 2012 contest) and Lonegan’s unrelentingly self-aggrandizing effort to make himself look like a conservative hero in the eyes of the Koch Brothers.

And the Tea Party movement in New Jersey? In spite of a few Kool-Aid drinking exceptions, it will steer clear of Boss Lonegan and his conservo-cronies, thereby smothering his dream of transforming the Tea Party movement into a boots-on-the-ground army of shock troops for the CLC. The Conservative movement in New Jersey is fractured and its energy dissipated, thanks to the Zoo Crew at Conservative New Jersey and their CLC enablers.

Is it any wonder that Dick Zuendt’s outrage at the treatment of Herman Cain is the zenith of brazen hypocrisy?

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3 Responses to The Stench of Hypocrisy is Strong in This One

  1. Duke says:

    I believe Herman Cain will be back as the nominee’s pick for VP.

    • owleyepundit says:

      There are two serious disadvantages to having Herman Cain at the bottom of the ticket instead of at the top. The first, ugly, one is that the clueless, chattering-teeth classes at MSNBC will say “See, they can’t have a black man as the boss.” The second is that in eight years, Herman Cain will be relatively old to run for his own first term.

  2. Barb says:

    Thank you for posting my statement Gene. I and many others are very upset by this turn of events. I also see the hypocrisy in the rest of your story regarding Zeundt. Pretty gosh darn amazing.