The Pontius Pilate Basin of Water Award

After tabulating ballots submitted from all across the Garden State, the accounting firm of Weagh, Cheatham & Howe announced this year’s winner of the coveted Pontius Pilate Basin of Water Award, a dubious encomium bestowed upon the political executive whose moral cowardice and utter lack of leadership backbone most closely emulate that of Pontius Pilate, the governor of Roman-occupied Judea who, rather than assert his authority and free an obviously innocent man, put the prisoner’s fate into the hands of an angry rabble and literally washed his hands of the matter.

And the winner is…New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who announced that he will veto any legislation passed by the New Jersey Assembly that legalizes same-sex marriage – not because it’s the right thing to do but rather because he believes the matter ought to be decided by a plebiscite in the form of a statewide referendum.

The New Jersey Assembly passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage on Thursday, sending the bill to Republican Governor Chris Christie, a possible vice-presidential candidate who has promised to veto the measure.

The Assembly vote of 42 to 33 followed Senate approval on Monday and increased the scrutiny on Christie, a supporter of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney who has attempted to deflect controversy by saying the matter should be settled by voters in a referendum.

Both chambers lack the two-thirds majority needed to override a veto by Christie blocking gay marriage, a hot-button social issue that is gaining traction in the 2012 U.S. presidential election campaign.

Although Christie claims to be a conservative who cleaves to conservative values and principles, his words and actions of late betray who and what he really is: an opportunistic RINO squish who will say and do anything to continue occupying the moderate high ground – ostensibly out of the reach of either the Right or the Left.

Admittedly, his tactic is a clever one: by vetoing the bill, he is able to maintain the illusion that he is a defender of traditional marriage; by insisting the matter be settled through a referendum that will likely result in approval (by a margin of 60%, New Jersey residents have a favorable opinion of Barack Obama), he will deflect criticism from the Left by noting that true democracy prevailed. At the same time, he can deflect criticism from the Right by shrugging his shoulders and claiming that it was not he who legalized same-sex marriage, but rather, the unwashed masses over whom he has no control.

Much like the Roman governor, the New Jersey governor is washing his hands of the matter and placing both the credit and the blame on the electorate. And this is the man Ann Coulter believes to be the best candidate of all for President of the United States.

Good grief…this state is every bit as doomed as this republic.

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2 Responses to The Pontius Pilate Basin of Water Award

  1. Kurt Epps says:

    I doubt a statewide referendum on this issue would pass. That’s why the Dems don’t want it to go to a referendum.

  2. josephine says:

    I have no idea what New Jersey thinks of gay-marriage being sanctioned or whatever it is they fight about. But I do know about this man Christie and I do know about Ann Coulter. I have no interest in either one of them. They have lost their integrity. They are a joke in my opinion.
    I will say this; that was a powerful scene. Without meaning to use Christ in a sacrilegious way, it reminded me of Obama,the Media & Occupy as Obama washed his hands and the Media & Occupy made the decision to let Occupy storm the country,rape and pillage, further complicate contentment & sometimes persecute the people.Meanwhile DC is shipping it’s rats to Virginia and Maryland. Maybe they will occupy the liberal homes. I received an email today that informed me that a cut onion left on a bedside table would cure the flu and has been known to cure the Plague.
    Barack Hussein Obama and Elizabeth Warren orchestrated Occupy to cause chaos and concern. He washed his hands of all involvement just as Pilate did.
    I do have to hand it to Ann C. for that book she wrote on mobs.Maybe she knew about Occupy ahead of time.
    I feel like America has suffered a home invasion. Obama and his thugs have kicked our doors down,strip searched our grandmothers and children, ordered our money to be confiscated,made it impossible to drive very far and frightened the country. They have threatened our Seniors with death panels, removal of Social Security, and foreclosed on homes. Obama has spread the news that it’s perfectly ok to be promiscuous everyday, and has severely attacked the Constitution, our religion and our rights. If Christ were with us on earth today I know he would say “get thee behind me” to Obama. I wonder if Obama has come to that part of the Gospel in his newly acquired knowledge of our Bible?