The Political Bloodbath Resumes…

The disturbing photo on the left is from the motion picture Excalibur and depicts the moment when King Arthur, mortally wounded by Mordred, slays his son/nephew with the sword that was drawn from the stone. It captures in graphic detail the essence of the present state of affairs: seven months ago, I cautioned the Tea Party movement in this state  to steer clear of the Conservative Leadership Caucus (CLC). Given what has taken place in the past few months, it appears my warning was prophetic.

Back then the Bayshore Tea Party group (among others) was the object of vicious defamatory attacks and character assassination by GOP State Committeeman Rob “Rockin’ Robbo” Eichmann, muckraking oppo-researcher Bill “Wee Willy” Winkler, and blogger Richard “The Dick” Zeundt, who runs the once credible political website Conservative New Jersey.

Here is what I wrote on September 17, 2011:

It has become clear by now that the attackers are operating with the approval of the CLC leadership (Steve Lonegan and Mike Doherty among others) because that leadership has done nothing to stop the attacks – even after being publicly called out to denounce them. But they are also operating with the approval of the RINO establishment, which wants nothing more than protracted conflict between the Tea Party movement and the CLC.

The landscape ahead will not be a pleasant one for New Jersey Tea Party organizations: on the one hand, they are despised by the RINO establishment and on the other, they are expected to be the handmaidens and shock troops of the CLC, taking their orders from Steve Lonegan and following those orders to the letter. If they assert their independence, they risk the wrath of the CLC in the form of their blogger henchmen and can expect no assistance from the Republican Party leadership – particularly since GOP State Committeeman Rob Eichmann is spearheading the attacks. You read that correctly: for all practical purposes, the NJGOP has joined forces with Lonegan’s CLC to attack the Tea Party movement in New Jersey. Politics really does make for some pretty strange bedfellows, no?

It sure does:

Leonard Lance … announced that [State] Senator Michael Doherty has agreed to be a chairman of the Lance for Congress reelection campaign.

“I am very pleased to be here to support and endorse Congressman Leonard Lance for reelection,” said Senator Doherty. “Over the years Leonard Lance has stood for honor, integrity and always doing the right thing on behalf of New Jersey’s taxpayers. Congressman Lance has done a great job in Congress and deserves our overwhelming support.”

Congressman Lance, as regular readers and conservatives are well aware, is a typical Northeast RINO who is being challenged in the GOP primary this year by Movement Conservative David Larsen. By snubbing Larsen and joining Lance’s campaign, Doherty (who has also heartily endorsed RINO Joe Kyrillos for the U.S. Senate) has essentially sold out the conservative movement and joined forces with the NJ GOP Establishment. Oddly enough, Conservative New Jersey made no mention whatsoever of Doherty’s cozy new relationship with “Liberal Lenny,” as The Dick is fond of calling him.

Recently, The Dick posted a Youtube video response to Congressman Bill Pascrell’s campaign ad attacking the Tea Party movement that also features a gratuitous, irrelevant and ultimately idiotic swipe at Barbara Gonzalez, co-founder of the Bayshore Tea Party and the object of his irrational hatred. I’ve decided to employ The Dick’s tactic of quoting from a source without ever directly linking to it so as to deprive him of additional visits to either his site or the video.

Here is what appears after he finishes attacking Pascrell:

So far, so good. Then this pops up:

What the hell is he talking about?

Oh my…this could be serious. Did this Tea Party leader make some sort of death threat or utter something outrageously racist/sexist/homophobic/politically uncorrect?

According to The Dick, this is her transgression – taken from her personal Facebook page, where she speaks only for herself:


Barbara Gonzalez offers a sweet compliment to a pretty young woman – only to be attacked by the woman’s idiotic liberal mother, who insults both Bristol and Republicans. Rather than back down (as any RINO would do), Barb engaged the “stupid lefty lib” in the only manner the stupid lefty lib understands.

Simply amazing. The Dick spends so much of his time trolling Barbara’s Facebook page in search of ammunition and this is worst he can dig up. How pathetic that, in his twisted vision, the “enemy” is the courageous and feisty co-founder of one of the hardest-working and most conservative Tea Party groups in New Jersey.

I give La Gonzalez high marks for standing her ground. She’s got a pair of Reagans – more than can be said for The Dick, who closes with this decree from on high:

I can’t decide whether this is too funny or too ironic. The sin has already been committed – not by Bayshore or the rest of the Tea Party movement but by The Dick and his buddies Eichmann and Winkler who appointed themselves the arbiters of Conservatism and waged their own malicious and defamatory war on several Tea Party groups last year.

Thanks to them, the Tea Party movement is fractured and paranoid. Movement Conservatism in New Jersey is all but dead – and it looks like they’ll be doing their damnedest to bury it this year.

Let’s get ready to rumble (that’s a metaphor, Wee One).

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One Response to The Political Bloodbath Resumes…

  1. ChloeVas says:

    Thanks Gene. Your article was informative and cleared up what you were telling me the other day. It’s clear here who some of the players are. Now I have to investigate the players in Bergen County. I want to be as informed as possible. There is a School Board Election up here in Hackensack this week. I don’t know who to vote for because I don’t know them. Pathetic. I bet if I went to board meetings, I’d have to put duck tape over my mouth. I work in the district, and like to keep working there for as long as needed. I just took a library loan on a book called “The Tyranny of the Text Book.” I’ll read it and perhaps it has something worthy to write a review about. I’ll submit it to you for the blog. Two week book loan! Hope I can get through it in time. Later.