The Mad Max Chronicles – December 17 (Update)

By the time you read this, Cordell’s Maximus of County Line (aka Mad Max, aka Frankenpooch, aka Max the Wonder Dog) will hopefully have already won the “gaudy ribbon” – as Nicole calls it – and we will already be on our way home, rubbing our hands in glee. Or at least Nicole will be rubbing her hands – I have to keep mine on the steering wheel and Max has only paws.

The Lehigh Valley Kennel Club is sponsoring an AKC-sanctioned show in Allentown, PA (roughly an hour and a half from central New Jersey) that will run today and tomorrow.

Max has been entered for both days and we look forward to introducing him to fellow Rhodesian Ridgeback aficionados. By dint of scheduling serendipity, Max will make his appearance in the ring at around 8:30 AM.

For my part, I’m charging up the video camera and looking forward to capturing not only Max but other dogs and their owners in yet another Youtube offering that, hopefully, will entertain and enlighten.

In the meantime, check out the Mad Max Chronicles for December 11:

Part 1: Max, Gia and Belle run the lure course
Part 2: Debut of Stubby McDachshund, rising star of the Colt’s Neck Lure course
Part 3: Paige and Mouse the Chihuahua go lure coursing
Part 4: Kanuk the hybrid timber wolf/dog makes his lure coursing debut

Christmas Eve Video Update:

Believe it or not, it took the better part of a week to edit and compile the video footage of last week’s show. If I had a Mac Book or some other Apple product, the video would have been a lead pipe cinch: Apple software favors graphics and other creative projects involving pictures, video, CAD, etc., which is why commercial artists and designers almost always use Apple computers for their work.

Unfortunately, I work with a 2008 Dell XPS M1530 that runs Windows Vista. Needless to say, it was not designed for intensive video work and I’ve had moments when handicapped senior citizens could run faster than my computer. The constant lag time added minutes and even hours to the editing process until I figured out that I had to close Firefox to free up the CPU. I am more convinced than ever that a special place in Hell has been reserved for Bill Gates.

Anywho, rather than showcase our day at the show in a single, 15 minute video, I decided to break it up into three parts.

Here is Part 1 in which the lovely, gracious and long-suffering Nicole prepares Max for his moment in the spotlight while enduring my incessant, buffoonish a-holery. In Part 2 we’ll share Max’s adventure in the ring and in Part 3 we’ll visit various vendors and check out their wares.

Enjoy, my friends – and have a healthy, happy, blessed and very merry Christmas!

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