The Mad Max Chronicles – December 17, Part 2

On Saturday, December 17, Cordell’s Maximus of County Line (aka Mad Max, Frankenpooch and Max the Wonder Dog) trotted into Ring 6 at the Star of Bethlehem dog show, an AKC-sanctioned event in Allentown, PA sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club.

We didn’t spend the whole day at the show – in fact, we left early enough to catch breakfast at a local diner – but I ended up heading home with close to three hours of footage in my video camera. As I explained previously, editing all of it was pure hell and I managed to distill it down to about 15 minutes of footage which I broke into three parts.

In Part 1 the lovely, gracious and long-suffering Nicole prepared Max for his moment in the spotlight while enduring my buffoonery. In this part we’ll share Max’s adventure in the ring and see how well he does and in Part 3 we’ll visit various vendors and check out their wares


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