The Infamous Socialist Visit – See the Videos Now!

Still curious to know what happened on that fateful April 26 when a socialist named Pat Noble visited with the Bayshore Tea Party for a couple of hours? A few short iPhone video clips will give you some insight into what took place that day. Both the video and sound quality are understandably poor and it’s unfortunate that no one thought to use a video camcorder. Nevertheless, if you pay attention you can understand most of what’s being said.

Sorry to disappoint the Jacobins and Know-Nothings, but no books were burned and the young socialist wasn’t hanged, drawn and quartered.

Based on what I’ve seen, it looks like Pat Noble was the one who got an earful of ideology. This is precisely the sort of confrontational tactic that former Leftist Radical and now conservative paragon David Horowitz recommends for conservative groups looking to convert socialists and other leftists to the cause of Movement Conservatism.

Well done, Bayshore!

Pat Noble Visit – Part 1

Pat Noble Visit – Part 2

Pat Noble Visit – Part 3

Pat Noble Visit – Part 4

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5 Responses to The Infamous Socialist Visit – See the Videos Now!

  1. lg1015 says:


  2. Kenny says:

    This is what CNJ is hyped up over??? CNJ must stop wasting its time on meaningless stories and start doing their jobs by writing stories on Democrats. Do REAL Conservatives really want to support the junk that CNJ is putting out about the BayShore Tea Party? Certainly NOT this Conservative. I will no longer look at the CNJ site.

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