The Great CNJ Sellout?

By now it should be abundantly clear to anyone following the inside political baseball of New Jersey politics that Conservative New Jersey – a once reputable political website that proudly wielded the banner of Movement Conservatism in the Garden State – has since sold its soul to the Leonard Lance for Congress campaign.

Shocked? Don’t be. Peruse their webpages for the past week and you’ll see what I mean: the so-called Conservative Leadership Council (i.e., Rob Eichmann and Bill Winkler under the command of Mike “West Point Weasel” Doherty) apparently is now in control of CNJ…with the willing cooperation of Richard “The Dick” Zuendt.

As I am not an accredited psychoanalyst, I can offer no explanation for Dick Zeundt’s departure from reality. He knows perfectly well that David Larsen is a true Movement Conservative in the mold of Ronald Reagan. Hell…he enthusiastically endorsed Larsen in the 2010 GOP primary. There is no reason he should not be enthusiastically endorsing Larsen today…yet he not only¬† remains silent, but offers a platform to a Leonard Lance operative whose stealth campaign against the only true conservative in this primary race is becoming increasing clear with each passing day.

Time to grow a pair of Reagans and emerge from under Rob Eichmann’s skirts, Richard Zeundt:

Do you or do you not endorse David Larsen for Congress in the 7th District?

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6 Responses to The Great CNJ Sellout?

  1. HeleneH says:

    Sellout? Hardly, CNJ is the most active group of bullies in this state. In addition they are a mob of cowards. Hiding behind their computers and using fictitious names.

  2. Dana Pearson says:

    Is Steve Lonegan endorsing Lance? Is he endorsing Larsen? That is all you need to know. Whatever Lonegan does — CNJ does — I can’t find any exceptions. I think Lonegan hopes to get Lance’s support on something in the future. CNJ is very predictable — whatever is in Lonegan’s perceived best interest at any time — that is what CNJ supports.

  3. I am Sparticus says:

    Reading the latest Bayshore bashing article, it’s clear Eichmann’s not stable. They support Ron Paul, & now attack Mrs. Gonzalez for Bayshore’s endorsement, which was voted on by the membership. Thank God there’s only a hand full of people who read his blog. Dictators at Bayshore? That website should be named ‘Dick & Tater.’

    Who actually writes for this guy?