The Electoral Landscape in 2012 – Part 6

Political Sturm und Electoral Drang

As I pen this analysis (a quaint expression: very few writers actually use a pen and paper these days), the odds of Mitt Romney becoming the GOP nominee are increasing steadily and strongly. According to the latest Intrade results for the morning of January 7, Romney has an 82% chance of  winning the Republican primary. Perhaps I ought to spend some time at Intrade – ten months ago I predicted that Der Mittmeister would square off against the Man-Child.

Even though it’s fairly obvious that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee, it’s not yet official and, as I observed in Part 5, the RNC would do well to keep the nomination process alive for as long as possible – even up to the time of the Republican convention. But why? Didn’t John “Juan McAmnesty” McCain say it would be a better thing to get it over with as soon as possible?

Truly he did. And, just as truly, McCain is an idiot: Team Obama will not commit to a full-out assault on Romney until his nomination is a matter of official certitude. The longer we hold off proclaiming him the winner, the longer the Obamaites will hold their fire, giving Der Mittmeister time to marshal his own offensive and defensive forces.

So what will happen when Mitt becomes the official nominee? I can sum it up in five words: all hell will be unleashed. Team Obama and their allies and minions will do anything and everything to secure victory in November.

The overall strategy of Obama’s campaign will have two prongs: first, justify his first term of office as a painful but ultimately successful effort to undo the wreckage handed to him by George Bush and the Republicans; second, vilify and demonize Mitt Romney as the avatar of the greedy, corrupt and utterly evil 1% that screwed the 99% out of their chance to secure a piece of the American Dream.

For Team Obama, the challenge will be to (1) unify and fortify his base in the Democrat Party, (2) convince Independents who have stopped drinking the Hope & Change Kool-Aid to return to the fold and vote for him and (3) discourage, demoralize and ultimately suppress the Conservative voter base. If he can accomplish these three objectives, he will win the election.

In order to achieve the first objective, Obama will cast the contest in the light of a class struggle between the haves and the have-nots. The groundwork has been laid over the course of the past three years, with a considerable amount of effort taking place in 2011 – including a dry run of future protests involving the wholly Soros-subsidized Occupy Wall Street movement. Those who did not understand previously will now (hopefully) realize why Obama and his allies did everything they could to ensure that Mitt Romney became the GOP nominee.

Just look at him: Mitt Romney is the quintessential Wall Street CEO-type, straight out central casting, with a certain, cold, Ken-doll handsomeness that, in the 2008 GOP primary, was brilliantly summed up by Mike Huckabee, who said “I look like the guy you work with. He looks like the guy who laid you off.” It doesn’t help that Romney’s persona comes across as stiff and staid – as if he’s all business and no compassion.

Expect team Obama to vilify and demonize Mitt Romney as the reincarnation of J. Pierpont Morgan and the Republicans as the 21st century standard-bearers of the 19th century Robber Barons. They will likely have over a BILLION dollars in the war chest, enabling them to mount a veritable hailstorm of vicious and brutal attack ads from the moment Romney’s nomination becomes official up to and including election day. Don’t kid yourself: David Axelrod and the Chicago crew have been quietly but steadily compiling a vast database of political, professional and yes – even personal – dirt on Der Mittmeister and will deploy it to maximum effect over the course of the next ten months.

Also, be prepared for Obama to punt Joe Biden and ask Hillary Clinton to be his running mate. Of course, the White House adamantly denies this, but then the White House pretty much cannot be believed with regard to anything it says these days. Politically, it makes perfect sense: the presence of Hillary on the ticket will pull more conservative Clintonista Democrats back into the Obama fold and excite them sufficiently to campaign for Obama in much the same manner the presence of Sarah Palin energized the conservative base to redouble its efforts on behalf of John McCain in 2008.

Needless to say, Obama can expect the full-throttled support of the Drive-By Media, who have long since abandoned any pretense of journalistic objectivity. They will say and do anything and everything to accentuate the positive while all but ignoring the negative (including total news blackouts) on any story that involves Barack Obama.

The role played by the Drive-Bys conveniently leads us into the second objective of the Obama re-election campaign, namely, to win back the Independents. This effort has already begun with the latest economic reports that paint a rosy scenario of ever-decreasing employment in an economy that is pulling itself out of the George Bush/Evil Republican recession – accompanied by Andrea McArdle singing “The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow.” No matter how flat or declining the data, the Drive-Bys will spin it to the benefit of Obama and the White House will proclaim that happy days truly are here again while admonishing America that the last thing it wants to do is change horses in mid-stream.

“No, no, no,” they will insist…Obama is turning this economy around and prosperity lies just ahead – just over that hill yonder. “Stay the course,” they will tell us. I would not be surprised if they used the very phrase that characterized Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign in 1984.

Team Obama’s third objective – crushing the will of the conservative base of the Republican party – necessarily involves a considerable amount of psychological warfare, spearheaded by the public and private sector unions, the OWS movement and legions of useful idiot Obamabots. They will throng to every one of Obama’s campaign appearances, giving the impression (dutifully embellished by the Drive-Bys) that Obama enjoys the support of most Americans. Estimates of the numbers who attend will be wildly exaggerated or even flat-out made up by the White House and then disseminated to the Drive-Bys along with their daily talking points.

You can also expect union thugs to disrupt Tea Party rallies from without as OWS drones disrupt it from within – either by loudly protesting or by posing as Tea Party members advocating racist and other extreme viewpoints. The Drive-Bys will conveniently be nearby to capture the outrage and dutifully report to the American people just how viciously racist the Tea Party movement really is.

Oh yes…the race card will be deployed over and over again: Romney is a racist; the Republicans are racists, talk radio is racist, FOX News is racist, the Tea Party is racist, etc., etc., etc. You see, Establishment Republicans are terrified of the “R” word and at the mere mention of it, fall over themselves in an effort to appease their accusers and prove that they really aren’t racist by toning down perfectly legitimate campaign rhetoric and effectively strangling their own message.

Will the Obama campaign succeed in achieving these objectives? It will depend entirely on Mitt Romney, who likewise must achieve three objectives if he is to prevail: (1) choose a stalwartly conservative running mate and campaign fearlessly as Reagan Conservatives; (2) embrace the Tea Party movement and unify the Republican base; (4) take the campaign to Obama’s doorstep, ignore the race card and literally get in his face.

To be concluded in Part 7.

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