The Electoral Landscape in 2012 – Part 4

Mother of All Elections is Ready to Give Birth

A cursory survey of the state of our nation might impel the casual observer to conclude that Barack Obama will be defeated in a landslide election this November: unemployment hovers close to 9%, the housing market is stagnant, mortgage foreclosures continue unabated, the economy is suffocating,  Obamacare is poised to destroy our healthcare industry, federal regulatory power is strangling commerce and our national debt now stands at $15.33 TRILLION.

In many respects, the situation is at least as bad – if not worse – than what we faced in the late 1970s under President Jimmy Carter – who went on to lose the 1980 election to Ronald Reagan in a landslide so awesomely awesome that Carter conceded the election before the polls closed in California. And yet, believe it or not, it is entirely possible that President Barack Hussein Obama, whose administration has often been described by radio talker Sean Hannity as “Jimmy Carter on steroids,” will be re-elected this coming November – albeit by an historically narrow margin largely facilitated by massive, nationwide, vote fraud.

But how can this be even remotely possible? Can the American people be that blind/insane/ignorant/stupid to give another four years of office to the agent of their own destruction? Has it really come down to this after only 235 years?

Before we explore the answer to that question, let’s analyze the present situation and evaluate the possible outcomes, starting with President Obama.

Obama 2012: Give Me Four More Years and I’ll Give You Ameritopia

Let’s cut to the proverbial chase: President Barack Hussein Obama is a malignant narcissist with profound abandonment issues whose awful childhood created emotional wreckage and a spiritual vacuum  later filled by the likes of Frank Marshall and Jeremiah Wright, resulting in the creation of a stealth Alinskyite (Aaron Klein described him as the “Manchurian President”), a conduit of sorts through which those who seek the destruction of the United States as it has existed since 1776 can achieve this desideratum.

Those who believe that Obama is merely a bumbling, incompetent neophyte swimmer who mistakenly jumped into the deep end of the pool are either hopelessly naive or irremediably stupid – or both – in light of everything he has said and done since January, 2009. Unsettling as it is to consider (much less accept as a fact of life), Barack Hussein Obama is determined to destroy the free market republic that was once the United States and establish a socialist oligarchy in its place. In his mind, it’s a far better thing to rule in a Hell of tyranny and destitute squalor then spend the rest of his life as a nobody in a Heaven of liberty and prosperity.

What Barack Obama never counted on was the rise of the Tea Party movement and the subsequent push-back against his socialist agenda. He also never counted on the record numbers of patriotic Americans becoming involved in the political process and busily purchasing record numbers of firearms. The last thing his re-election campaign is willing to tolerate is a concrete block barrier on the highway to what Mark Levin describes as “Ameritopia” in the form of patriotic Americans who are highly informed and understand the real reason for the Second Amendment.

Obama knows that the right Republican candidate for U.S. President together with a strongly constitutional, free enterprise, down ticket for the House and Senate could very well undo the triumph for which a century of incremental statism prepared a very long red carpet. Our once-great republic teeters on the precipice and he is so close to his heart’s desire that he can practically taste it. The last thing he needs or wants is a GOP opponent who has the balls to go toe-to-toe with him in a gloves-off slugfest and call him out for what he truly is and for what he has done to this nation.

What Obama wants – and what his campaign needs – is a Republican candidate who fits a template that has been carefully shaped and formed over the past three years…a template crafted to strike a resonant chord of envy in the darkest recesses of the human heart and fully energize the liberal statists, social justice activists, public sector drones, union thugs and legions of government cheese-eating useful idiots who comprise the base of his support.

He wants and needs a candidate like the one he faced in 2008: a moderate squish who takes the support of his conservative base for granted and believes a mano-a-mano street brawl is somehow unseemly and unworthy of the Republican nominee for the office of President.

What Barack Obama needs to achieve victory in the general election this November is man like…well…like Mitt Romney.

To be continued in Part 5

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