The Electoral Landscape in 2012 – Part 3

From FDR to BHO: Setting the Stage

So where did we leave off last week? Ah yes…FDR and the Dems consolidate the power of the Democrat party and begin increasing the size and scope of the federal government by engaging in a policy of bread and circuses, making increasing numbers of Americans dependent upon Uncle Sam for their sustenance. The Roosevelt administration enacted Social Security -  a Ponzi scheme that became the foundation for all future federal nanny state social welfare programs.

The World War II generation – often referred to as the “Greatest Generation” – would represent the last generation of Americans that embodied all the Cardinal Strengths of this republic. Going forward through time, successive generations would lose those strengths one by one.

The period of unprecedented prosperity following the close of WW II also saw the rise of trade unions and the continued expansion of federal government along with a growing urbanization and suburbanization of the American populace. the Strength of Self-Reliance – which took a solid hit after the implementation of Roosevelt’s New Deal social welfare programs – continued to decline even as the strengths of Virtue, Education and Unity remained intact – but not for long, as those strengths would be assaulted and would decline in precisely the order they appear.

Virtue collapsed over the course of the past 70 years thanks largely to material prosperity, consumerism and the secular humanism that pervaded every aspect of public and private life. Think of it as a kind of feedback loop or vicious circle in which a decline in traditional mores and standards is not pushed back but simply adapted to, with a further decline as the result. Prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, patience, charity and simple civility are no longer the societal norm but, rather, are the exception that is often ridiculed by a media and  entertainment industry that has long since succumbed to the Progressive/liberal/secular humanist agenda.

Colleges and universities succumbed to the charms of Progressivism and secular humanism long before any other institution in this republic – and understandably so: academicians, scholars and other perpetual students dwell in the self-absorbed, naval-gazing  world of the ivory tower, where the skeptical question is always a variant of “Yes, I know it works in reality…but will it work in theory?”

It was only a matter of time before the Progressive agenda percolated through the entire public school system in America, aided largely by the consolidation and centralization of local and state school districts. The rise of public sector and teachers’ unions in the 1960s and 70s sealed the fate of public education: for the past forty years educational standards have steady declined to the lowest denominator even as the number of so-called educators and especially “educrats” mushroomed. Elementary and high school students are no longer taught from a core curriculum that emphasizes reading, writing, history, science and mathematics; today they are more or less indoctrinated, with the result that increasing numbers of students learn less and less from a bureaucratic establishment that continually demands more and more funding from taxpayers.

Thus the collapse of Education as a Cardinal Strength and the formation of several generations of voters whose ignorance of so many things makes them a veritable legion of useful idiots who were instrumental in the election of Barack Obama to the presidency in 2008.

The last pillar to fall was Unity. Once upon a time, Americans were a remarkably unified and patriotic people – despite the fact that we are largely a nation of immigrants from all over the world. What unified us was a common language, a common “American” culture, a common acceptance of what it meant to be an American and, most importantly, a shared love of this republic and everything for which it stands.

All that is gone, for the most part. The 21st century United States is more divided now along racial, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic, political and religious fault lines than ever before in its history. In a very rough sense, the so-called Red State/Blue State divide captures the essence of this chasm: Red State Americans believe in limited government and the rule of law, where the judiciary interprets the law and does not create it. Blue State Americans believe in expansive government and the rule of administrators, where the judiciary is empowered to legislate from the bench.

Red State Americans believe in maximizing personal liberty and minimizing the size and scope of government. They believe in God and accept that America is indelibly imprinted with a Judeo-Christian ethos that is the foundation of inalienable rights and our entire system of laws. They believe in the power of the free market to create opportunities for anyone to achieve wealth and prosperity to whatever degree their ambition and talents permit. Because they believe a strongly armed civilian population is the last bulwark of this republic against tyranny, they are strong proponents of the Second Amendment.

Blue State Americans believe in minimizing personal liberty and maximizing the size and scope of government. They generally don’t believe in a personal, transcendent God and reject the Judeo-Christian ethos as is the foundation of inalienable rights and our entire system of laws. They maintain the free market is rigged and predatory and instead believe in the power of the State to create opportunities. Because they believe a strongly armed civilian population is actually a threat to freedom, they are strong opponents of the Second Amendment.

Need I say anything more? The chasm opened wide in the year 2000 and has steadily deepened since then. The forces of Progressive Liberal Statism, spearheaded by Barack Hussein Obama, took advantage of America’s weakened condition and in 2008 maneuvered themselves into positions of power that enabled them to commence a fundamental transformation of the United States from a free market constitutional republic to a socialist/corporate fascist oligarchy.

Early in 2009, millions of patriotic Americans who reject Obama’s vision of America’s future began the Tea Party Movement in an effort to turn back the tide of socialist statism and restore America to her rightful place as a free market republic and beacon of liberty and prosperity for the world.

As we enter a general election cycle in this, the year 2012, we must wrestle with the answer to a question that cannot be ignored: is it too late to save the United States of America?

We’ll explore this question in Part 4.

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