The Education Malaise

Previously, Bulldog Pundit described a recent Texas town hall kerfuffle, wherein a teacher hurled the word “Nazi” at a Tea Party leader in a completely unjustified ad hominem  attack.  Bulldog posited that “most public school teachers…are ignorant, clueless, liberal statist drones whose efforts are not so much education as they are indoctrination.” I’m inclined to agree, and I consider that indoctrination endemic to the entire school system and bureaucracy as well: shockingly, the school district spokesman described the insult-hurler as “a good teacher.”

This challenges us to consider why  these so-called “good teachers” use hateful terms such as “Nazi” uniformly  and get away with it. I can think of one primary reason, which the reader likely can guess. (Here is a hint: teachers’ unions).

Darn…gave it away.

Inappropriately powerful and funded through captive local governments unable to say “no, as well as by “stimulus-laundered” taxpayer money, these unions serve only themselves. They long ago left children behind. Yet at every turn they cry “But it’s for the children,” and the gullible and the liberal unquestioningly buy it and vote for another tax increase.

The incestuous “collective bargaining” process at the government/union table is a monopoly  void of any real taxpayer representation for decades. Hence, school (union) demands for taxpayer money increase constantly. At the same time, we have observed the product quality dropping precipitously.

School systems have become parasites on the taxpayers, with a co-dependent government enforcing tax increases: Money flows out of the taxpayer pockets into the government’s pockets and then quickly back into union pockets through proportionately-increased teacher dues paid to the union and/or grossly expensive, inflated benefits (supplied by companies owned by the unions, of course. See Wisconsin school systems). Actual students receive very little of any increase.

Oh yes, it’s “for the children.” Of course it is.

Let’s not forget federal and state funds (sucked out of taxpayer pockets by other means) paid to schools, particularly “underperforming” ones. More blood draining from each taxpaying household. Death by a thousand cuts. Yet still they want more, more, more.

You can almost hear the mindless drones: “Don’t you care about the children? What are you, a racist? You hate children!

Where is the incentive for schools to improve the product, when the “underperforming” ones always get more and more money? Where is the incentive to teach when there are no consequences for abusive teachers, or teachers who fail to teach? No objective evaluation of teacher performance? What consequences can be visited on a teacher having tenure after 3 years or where the school systems pay administrators in the six figure range (with gold-plated benefits packages) as part of a larger, unaccountable, money-sucking, bloated bureaucracy?

Answer: see the school system for the City of New York, and in particular search for “Rubber Room.”

Until taxpayers demand that unionized teachers be prohibited from public schools, the unions and government will continue to run a protection racket to shake down taxpayers and there will be no real improvement in the product of the public education system.

Until taxpayers say “No!” emphatically to every proposed school-related increase in taxes, and “No!” emphatically to every school bonding issue, there will be no accountability in the government bureaucracy.

In the meantime, those who can afford to do so will place their children in private schools, or make the sacrifice to school them at home.

The epic failure of our national public school system is a dramatic testament to the failure of public employee unionization.


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