The Cynical Duplicity of Rob Eichmann

It looks like Doherty Stooge (and, by extension, Lance campaign operative) Rob Eichmann is at it again on the pages of CNJ – doing the bidding of the Establishment GOP by masquerading as a conservative when he’s nothing more than political hack looking for the next patronage crumb from the master’s table. As faithful Bulldog readers know by now, Eichmann has busily engaged himself for the better part of the past year in a one-man crusade to end what he claims is an epidemic of “violent and racist rhetoric” that will “destroy our party, our brand, and our electoral chances.”

In the belief that the GOP Establishment is scared to death of the “R” word, Rockin’ Robbo concocted his “Racism Report,” a laughable compendium of images and quotes divorced from context that, in his fevered brain, tag as violent racists those who – by a strange coincidence – happen to be his political nemeses.

Yesterday Eichman reported that he sent out an e-mail blast to “2,400 elected Republicans, including our legislators and conservative leaders, throughout New Jersey” in which he repeated the histrionics and libelous tar brushing compiled in his “Racism Report.” Interestingly enough, he never made public the actual text of the e-mail itself – which was forwarded to me.

The fact that Richard Zeundt permits this sort of asshattery to be published on his site inclines me to believe the CLC thugs really have taken over Conservative New Jersey and The Dick truly has sold his soul to the GOP Establishment for a mess of political pottage – unless, of course, his reasons for doing so rest on the bottom of deeper and more psychologically convoluted waters.

It is worth noting that Eichmann is a Gloucester County GOP State Committeeman regarded by fellow committee members as a crank and a buffoon. That he is now a tool of the Lance campaign is further evidence of the depths to which the Establishment will sink to bury Movement Conservatism once and for all in the Garden State:

In spite of all this embarrassing nonsense, Eichmann does serve a purpose for the GOP Establishment: he makes the conservative wing of the Republican Party look like whackadoo wingnuts even as he does his level best to destroy Movement Conservatism from within. (No surprise that he worked as a “volunteer” for State Senator Mike Doherty – who is now a county campaign manager for RINO Congressman Leonard Lance.)

Now for the meeting itself: according to my source, Eichmann handed out the report to each of the members before the meeting began. Most of them tucked it into their pockets or valises without even reading it and instead concentrated on the official meeting agenda that was packed with action items – none of which included Eichmann’s report. He did not recall seeing expressions of horror – although he did hear occasional laughter.

But…if this report was of such vital importance to the well-being of the NJ GOP, why wasn’t it entered into the official minutes of the meeting?

Here is what actually happened: shortly before making his motion, Committeeman Eichmann announced that he had earlier handed out a report to the committee members and asked if everyone had received a copy. When Eichmann attempted to link the report to his motion, Chairman Raia stopped him in his tracks – not once but TWICE – and declared emphatically to the members that the motion was not related to any specific issue or individual.

All the State Committee did was reaffirm a previous motion in a routine vote that had absolutely nothing to do with Eichmann’s contrived “Racism Report.”

If the State Committee – which forms the backbone of the Republican Party in New Jersey – refuses to take Eichmann or his “Racism Report” seriously, why should anyone else? Or are we to now assume that the entire GOP State Committee is racist and the only anti-racism crusader remaining in the Republican Party is…Rob Eichmann? Seriously?

To ask the question is to answer it with gales of laughter: for Eichmann, opposing real-world racism – the kind that actually hurts and even kills people -  is not an end but a means to an end. While it certainly is tempting to assume that Eichmann believes all pimps are black men – a belief that makes him suspect as a racist by his own standard – I’m not sure he really is a racist or that the issue of racism even matters to a noisome political hack who uses the race card as a weapon to bludgeon his political enemies (a tactic usually employed by Democrats and Alinskyite liberals).

Eichmann couldn’t care any less about real-world racism today than he did a year or five years ago. And that’s what makes his contrived drama not so much ironic as utterly despicable.

Anti-racist conscience of the GOP? Hardly. Rob Eichmann is a cynically mendacious fraud and when the dust from this little contretemps finally settles, he’ll be the only Republican race-baiter left standing.

I suspect that most of the recipients of Eichmann’s hysterical e-mail blast deleted it without even reading it once they saw his name and the subject line – after all, Eichmann’s reputation as a mendacious flake precedes him far and wide in Garden State political circles.  Those who read it for more than ten seconds likely picked up the phone to ask fellow Republicans “What the hell is this?!” and were promptly advised to ignore and delete it.

Those few who read it all the way through likely forwarded the e-mail to Democrats anxious for any ammunition they could use against Movement Conservatives. I can only imagine the praises being heaped today on Republican State Committeeman Rob Eichmann and his enabler at Conservative New Jersey by Democrats and the GOP Establishment alike:

Nicely done, Dick and Robbo…you earned your mess of pottage. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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2 Responses to The Cynical Duplicity of Rob Eichmann

  1. 1Prop says:

    LIBERAL Rob Eichmann gives RINO’s a bad name. He’s a fraud and a liar. I have seen his so-called “report” and it is obvious that he created all of the documents and made up email addresses for some who supposedly sent them and a few of those who received them. LIBERAL Rob Eichmann should hide his head in shame because of his amatuerish attempt to frame real conservatives and Republicans. The State GOP should dump LIBERAL Rob Eichamnn and his libelous actions.

  2. truther says:

    Well, it seems that Mr. Winki Dinki Doo-Doo, Rob “Adolph” Eichmann and Richard abba dabba Zuendt are running out of members of the living who will read or listen anymore to the babbling of the “unholy” trinity. I find it hysterical that the state chair completely ignored him which is what everyone else should do. Does anyone really believe that the Governor would really want to have a picture taken with him, let alone be in the same room with him. The final tragedy of RAE, (Rob Adoph Eichmann) is that he has a severe drinking probem, is a known alcoholic and the only reason he has a place to live is because his girlfriend supports him and gives him a place to stay. And this is the person who wants to be the voice of “movement conservatism” in NJ By the way, does anyone actually know what a movement conservative is? Do they have a problem with their colons and is that why they are called “movement” conservatives? I hope they keep writing. It is very entertaining and the fact that his state committee collegues totally ignore him is only farther proof that whoever his is hanging around with is equally as inept and embarrassing. Hmmm, given that his closest political “allies” are Bill Winki-Dinki Doo-Doo Winkler and Richard Yabba Dabba Zuent, is it any wonder that what they say, write or do could only be the work of an imbecile of someone with an IQ around the level of a chimpanzee. And I apologize to all the chimpansees who may be reading this.