The Biggest Useful Idiot of Them All

I happened to run across a web video yesterday featuring the infamous movie director and leftist, Michael Moore. Needing a good laugh and the opportunity for writing material, I gave it a listen. Nicholas Ballasy of the Daily Caller had cornered the rotund rabble-rouser at Union Station in Washintgon D.C. where Moore was en route to an event with the estimable ivory tower crackpot, Cornell West. The video was about five minutes long and I found it instructive as to who we are as conservatives and who Michael Moore is as the paragon of statism.

If I were introducing someone to the arena of politics for the first time and wanted to contrast liberalism with conservatism – this would be one of those videos. Michael Moore truly misunderstands this country in far too many ways.

There’s really no turning back for the poor schlep. He’s been taken by the Dark Side and no amount of Milton Friedman You Tube videos are going to bring this dolt back from the brink.

I know you’re probably going to be shocked by the unpredictability here, but brace yourself.

When asked about how much top income earners should be paying in taxes, Moore suggested a return to the pre-Reagan rates of 39%-50% for those making $250,000 a year or more and scoffed at the “Buffet Rule Act” which is a piece of legislation working its way through Congress that would allow wealthy Americans to “donate” additional money to the Treasury upon filing their income tax returns.

In response to the legislation, Moore commented, “The federal government is not a charity. We’re all in this together. We all have to pay our fair share and we all have to do it at the same time. There’s no opt-in or opt-out.

If I had a nickel for every time “fair share” has been uttered in the past year, I’d be in the vaunted 1%.

Ballasy shot back: “If taxes don’t increase though, would you donate and how much?

Moore’s answer was vague to say the least:

Well, what I’ve been doing since I’ve been a beneficiary of the Bush Tax Cut is spending as much of that money as I can to defeat Republicans and anybody that supports the Bush Tax Cuts. So that’s what I do with it in the hopes I can advocate to get these taxes raised.

So he’s admitting that he has been a beneficiary of the tax cuts, but since they’re so unfair – he has to do something about such an injustice. Typical liberal. Hey Michael, here’s a great idea. Instead of advocating for bigger government, more spending, and higher taxes, how about considering small government as envisioned by our Founders? You went on in this interview to say how much you loved the country, but you haven’t the slightest idea as to how this country was founded nor do you have an appreciation for the underlying principles that have made this country the light of the world for over two hundred years.

When asked about his own wealth, Moore dithered ever so slightly:

I think what people make and what they earn is pretty much a private matter, isn’t it? Unless you’re working for the public or a publicly-run corporation. I do really well. I’m very blessed and very privileged. I never thought I would ever be able to have this life – certainly with a high school education and coming out of Flint, Michigan where I was supposed to be working at a factory. So, I feel very lucky.

He believes that income should be a private matter as it relates to his own and other liberals. Along the same lines, he doesn’t have a problem with wealthy politicians and government bureaucrats as long as their card-carrying Democrats. He has issues with private companies such as Halliburton but looked the other way when Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were lining their pockets as the overseers of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

He claims he’s privileged and blessed but by whom or what? Where else in the world could a big tub of lard direct films for a living and earn millions of dollars. Not in any of those precious socialist democracies he fancies in Europe.

Does he credit capitalism for his success?

No. I credit the tens of millions of people who buy a ticket to go to my movies, ya know. By the way, I think they have movies in socialist countries and capitalist countries and all kinds of countries where people go and spend five, ten, twelve dollars – whatever it is – to go watch a movie. And so, because I’m blessed and because I get a small percentage of that, I have a responsibility to keep making these movies and keep doing what I do to try and make things better for everybody…The problem here is that the pie is not fairly divided. It probably can never be evenly divided. There’s never going to be an even slice for everybody. But there could be a fair slice so that everybody has a chair at the table. Not everybody has a chair at the table right now and we live in a country where half the population is either living in poverty or near poverty, so we have to fix that. That cannot continue. We will not remain a moral society. We won’t remain a strong country, if we allow this kind of income disparity to continue.

This is someone who benefits greatly from the free market, but doesn’t recognize the forest for the trees. His success and wealth just materialized out of thin air. They certainly had nothing to do with that dirty “c” word. Are these truly the ramblings of a genuine and rational human being?

He longs for the utopian ideal aspired to by all leftists. It doesn’t exist and it will never exist, no matter how strongly it is pursued by governments or other well-intentioned individuals. Our system works pretty well when government stays out of the way, but Moore believes you need the government involved to level the playing field and ensure equality of results.

This will never work and there can never be an equality of outcomes. There is only the equality of opportunity. Not everyone will have equal slices of pie, that’s just the way it is. Forced equality only leads to despotism and the system he pines for will only end in a loss of freedom and in the extreme – full-fledged tyranny.

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