The ATPC Express Gains Momentum!

In many respects, the Tea Party unification movement is akin to a heavily laden freight train: at first, the wheels of the locomotive barely make the first revolution as they groan and squeal in their effort to move the cargo cars forward along the tracks. But as the train increases its speed, it overcomes inertia – its mass acquires momentum and, ultimately, enormous power. Hence the admonition to never stand in the way of a speeding freight train.

With that image in mind, I’m pleased to relate that the second session of the American Tea Party Congress – which convened yesterday at the Bayshore Tea Party headquarters in Red Bank, NJ – was a resounding success.

The session began shortly after 10:00 AM with the Invocation by Fr. Richard Davidson (Jackson Tea Party Patriots) followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The next six and one-half hours became a blur of discussion and debate as an organization only two weeks old began to take its first halting and sometimes awkward steps into the future of America.

For starters, the meeting room was noticeably more crowded than it was two weeks ago and for good reason, as delegates from over a dozen Tea Party and conservative groups were present for this session.

With the notable exception of Right Direction – which has chosen to abstain from voting – the delegates unanimously approved the inclusion of the following organizations as fully-fledged members of the ATPC (where possible, I provided links to the various new groups.):

Americans for Liberty Campus Tea Party Patriots
Greenwich Tea Party Patriots Monmouth County Tea Party Coalition
Montville Tea Party NJ Tax Revolt
North Jersey Regional Tea Party Ocean County Citizens for Freedom
Ocean County Tea Party Putting America First
Smart Girl Politics Tea Party Patriots of Southern NJ
Two River Tea Party

Of particular note is Smart Girl Politics, a nationwide organization of politically active conservative women whose New Jersey chapter is headed by the indefatigable Rosa Leonetti. There is no question in my mind that Rosa – who made a personal donation of an unspecified amount to the ATPC  and remained for most of the session – will do much to spread the evangel that Tea Party unity is not only possible but has already happened. Don’t be too surprised if reports come back of similar efforts being undertaken in other states. It appears that a winning formula for Tea Party unity now exists and will soon be deployed on a nationwide scale.

If so, then all of patriotic America will note that the challenge for the American Tea Party Congress involves juxtaposing organization and action in the 100 day time frame preceding the general election in November. Even as several members expressed an anxious desire to commence a unified effort to defeat Barack Obama and Robert Menendez here in New Jersey, others counseled that the infrastructure of what is expected to be a rapidly-expanding organization must be established to an appreciable degree in order to more effectively manage the direction and agenda. To that end, much of the day was spent in discussion and debate – with numerous resolutions passed in most cases by unanimous vote; I continue to be solidly impressed by the degree of cooperation between so many different groups and personalities.

I suspect that the membership will likely bifurcate its effort: the committees responsible for establishing the Charter and the By-Laws will continue their efforts behind the scenes while other committees will address the need to begin educating the public, rallying the conservative base, motivating Republican voters in general and doing all that is necessary to stop Obama and his fellow Statists in their tracks on November 6, after which begins the task of steering this nation away from the edge of the abyss.

It is in precisely this area, I believe, that a unified Tea Party movement will shine the brightest, as it will have the requisite power and political clout to change the course of federal, state and even local elections thereafter. The days of isolated Tea Party and conservative groups being ignored, marginalized or co-opted by the Establishment (or inside-the-Beltway organizations) will be over and I see no reason why the forces of Reagan Conservatism cannot ride this political tsunami into the deepest corridors of the GOP at all levels and take back the Republican Party from the RINOs.

The ranks of the Congress increased 50% since the first session and now stand with 20 Tea Party groups and 10 conservative organizations from all over the state. This number is expected to increase between now and August 11, when the ATPC convenes for its third session – which most likely will take place at a larger venue in East Windsor, New Jersey located almost exactly in the geographical center of the Garden State.

All ATPC members are urged to contact as many non-member groups as possible and explain that now is the time to unite and the American Tea Party Congress is the vessel of that unification.

Straight ahead to August 11 and thence to victory in November!

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2 Responses to The ATPC Express Gains Momentum!

  1. Barb says:

    Bulldog….I read all of your posts and this is the best one I have read yet! I read it to my family and they loved it as well. Words cannot express how proud I am of you and every single person that was in that room. You made this happen and the time was right!!
    Our Founding Fathers are smiling from Heaven!

  2. For what its worth says:

    Bulldog….You and the convention delegates are doing yoeman’s work! Truly awsome! Let the word go out…….For what its worth