Thanks, Guys!

If doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is the definition of insanity, then I guess it’s time for someone to step forward and arrange a competency hearing for Messrs. Eichmann and Winkler – the Dimwit Duo who tag team for CNJ and CWA, a pair of blogs that purport to represent the face of Movement Conservatism in the Garden State.

From the day I began defending the Bayshore Tea Party against the Jimmy Hoffa style campaign of slander, libel, defamation and intimidation being waged against it by these jokers, they have endeavored mightily to bring the Old Bulldog down using the same thuggish tactics.

The result after two months? Heh…the popularity of the Bayshore Tea Party continues to grow asĀ  other Tea Party groups align themselves with the BTPG. Their donor base and membership are both expanding. Meanwhile, Steve Lonegan and Mike Doherty have been exposed as politically devious weasels utterly devoid of character or integrity while a dubious pall now hangs over the so-called Conservative Leadership Caucus.

By channeling the tactics of the Teamsters, both CNJ and CWA have effectively torpedoed any credibility they had and together they have become the running joke of the conservative blogosphere in New Jersey as Eichmann and Winkler insist on devoting more time trying to cannibalize fellow conservatives instead of attacking liberals and other statists. Few people take them seriously anymore and fewer still bother to visit either site.

And the Bulldog? Heh…here’s the latest from Alexa:

Thanks, guys! Please keep up the attacks – in fact, please intensify them. At the rate I’m climbing, it won’t be long before I surpass PolitickerNJ.

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2 Responses to Thanks, Guys!

  1. TP109 says:

    Just stickin’ together, Gene. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. lg1015 says:

    The cream always rises to the top!