Thank the Tea Party for Curbing Spending

Victor Sordillo is a member of the NJ Republican State Committee, a former mayor of Warren Township, former president of the Warren Honorary P.B.A and a good friend that I have known for almost a decade. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting on the phone for close to an hour with Vic, who told me that he is a strong supporter of the Tea Party movement in New Jersey. He graciously gave me permission to publish a letter he sent to the editor of in which he thanks the Tea Parties for their successful effort to apply the brakes to runaway federal spending.

Thank the Tea Party for Curbing Spending

This letter is to thank the Tea Party for its work to ensure a good future for America.

The leaders of the Democratic Party have been demonizing this group of Patriots for too long.  I believe that the Tea Party represents the average working man and woman who are tired of politicians wasting our money to garner support from small interest groups.

When they “bring home the bacon,” they send us the bill.

First Tea Partiers were portrayed as “nuts” and “terrorists.” This was a strategy to avoid more Americans from siding with their pragmatic agenda. Now they are calling the S&P downgrade the “Tea Party downgrade.”

We know that this is untrue.  The Tea Party and the millions of Americans who share their ideas were warning elected officials of the consequences of big government and this downgrade is one consequence.

To support his proposal to increase our taxes, the president says that “millionaires and billionaires need to pay their fair share” but it is you and I who will ultimately pay. There are not enough millionaires and billionaires to pay the bills at the rate the federal government is spending.

So thank a Tea Party activist for helping to protect us from a continuation of failures from big government and big spending policies.  We can’t afford it any more.

Victor Sordillo

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