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6 Responses to TERMS OF USE

  1. Dana Pearson says:

    Pat Buchanan has a good piece in the American Conservative about the Iran Obsession. Unfotunately, it seems that Israel and the US have already declared cyberwar on Iran.

    The likely blowback is that US citizens, corporations and government entities will be attacked by Iranian financed virus code written by the Chinese or Russians. This could be a very dangerous endeavor with a violent and expensive end-game. A very good argument can be made that Iran is not seeking Nuclear weapons and is not even close to having any. Israel already has hundreds.

    We are needlessly provoking Iran with cyberwarfare, economic sanctions and Gulf War games. This is YOUR tax dollars at work. You are not benefiting. Maybe the Carlyle Group and other multinationals benefit from stoking hostilities between nations but the average US citizen just pays through the nose for it in taxes for military expenditures and often in the form of dead and injured soldiers and the eventual blowback caused by US imperialism.

    This idiocy is as old as the US involvment in the Phillipine insurection 100 plus years ago, the economic sanctions on Japan that led to Pearl Harbor and the costly draw in Korea and expensive loss in Vietnam. War is a racket. War benefits the people being paid with your tax dollars to write the cybercode. It benefits the munitions makers who profit from the endless killing in Afghanistan. It is not making the world safer — on the contrary it is making it more unsafe.

    I would bet that there are corporations who are indirectly benefiting from war financing deals with Iran and Israel at the same time. War is a racket.

  2. kenny says:

    Greetings Dana – as this is an odd place to note your comments, no? Iran is on its way to creating a nuclear bomb and you’re okay with that? The world could have stopped Hitler after he moved into Czeckoslavakia, but they stood idly by. They could have stopped him when he marched into Poland, but nope – he’d stop there. When – is enough, enough?

    taxpayers pay even more for entitlement programs. What people fail to remember, is that the Government via the Constitution is supposed to maintain a military force to protect the Country. No where in the constitution, does it say – the Government has to provide entitlement programs for the “so called” needy.

    what it sounds like, is that you prefer to bring all of our troops home. Just remember, where-ever US troops leave, they will be filled by either Russian, Chinese, Cuban, Venezualan or some other troops. That’s just the way it is, like it or not.

    • Dana Pearson says:

      Yes, it is a weird place to post this. I meant to do it as a reply to Allen F. Post on the cyberwar against Iran. We don’t know if Iran is on its way to getting nuclear weapons. After the lies about Iraq and WMDs, we should be circumspect about such accusations.

      However, if Iran did get nuclear weapons, the US would have little to woorry about. In case you haven’t noticed, Iran is on the other end of the earth! Let other nations in closer proximity deal with Iran. Germany, Russia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have more to fear from a nuclear armed Iran than we do.

      George Washington’s Farewell Address warned against foreign entanglments. Hitler was blowback resulting from the treaty of Versailles. If Wilson had not dragged the Us into WW I, there would not have been WW II in Europe.

      I am all in favor of protecting the country, but our cyberwar on Iran is likely to make us less safe rather than more safe.

      If we pull out of Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf and South Korea, I doubt China and Cuba will replace our troops in those places. But if they do, God bless them, let the Chinese get bogged down in Afghanistan, they will have fun there.

      Unfortunately, Mitt Romney is unlikely to be a better President than the terrible and horrible Obama. Romney is perhaps more likely to foolishly run up our debt and kill our service men and women on an idiotic escapade in Iran than Obama is.

  3. kenny says:

    the problem with nuclear bombs, is that now – you can make them very small and you can make other forms of bombs – such as dirty bombs. Once you know how to make them, the process becomes easier and easier. Won’t take much to give some one whose willing to kill themselves anyway, a sachel that has this dirty bomb. This is very scary stuff and even tho, they’re half way round the world, they’re only weeks from entering the US from any number of ways. Their missles can’t hit the US – not yet. But their next step is to develop an ICBM. then what? Whether by ICBM or by lone terrorist – they can get to us. Don’t let 9/11 disappear from your memories.

  4. Dana Pearson says:

    Iran had zip to do with 9/11. We have zillions of nukes to Iran’s zip. We shouldn’t preemptively make cyberwar on Iran because they might one day have a nuclear weapon.

    We are choking on debt. Not only is starting a war with Iran prohibitively expensive — it’s immoral.

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