Still Occupying…and Allergic to Working and Bathing

Newsflash: Communists are still finding useful idiots.

When did the Occupy Wall Street movement start and why are these hygenically-challenged, Moms’ basement-dwelling slackers still around?

Perhaps the Liberal-leaning can lend some insight.

The Occupy Movement began in September 2011, with the occupation of Wall Street in New York as a protest against the fact that roughly 1% of the world’s population owns and manipulates the world’s wealth as well the 99% from whom it derives that wealth.

Towards the end of November 2011 the Occupy Movement had spread to just under 1000 cities in 82 countries all over the planet.

The Occupy Movement is a protest against the transnational corporations and companies (including financial institutions, like banks) whose only motivation is greed and profiteering, and who do not care about the preservation of the world’s diverse cultures and environments, or the exploitation of the world’s precious resources, or the continuing pollution of the planet and the irreversible damage that is being done to the delicate biosphere in which we all must live.

Delicate biosphere, my foot.

September…September…what else was going on in September? Oh, yeah…Obama proposed a $447 Billion fiasco of a jobs bill:

I am sending this Congress a plan that you should pass right away. It’s called the American Jobs Act. There should be nothing controversial about this piece of legislation. Everything in here is the kind of proposal that’s been supported by both Democrats and Republicans — including many who sit here tonight. And everything in this bill will be paid for. Everything.

The purpose of the American Jobs Act is simple: to put more people back to work and more money in the pockets of those who are working. It will create more jobs for construction workers, more jobs for teachers, more jobs for veterans, and more jobs for long-term unemployed. It will provide — it will provide a tax break for companies who hire new workers, and it will cut payroll taxes in half for every working American and every small business.  It will provide a jolt to an economy that has stalled, and give companies confidence that if they invest and if they hire, there will be customers for their products and services. You should pass this jobs plan right away.

Everyone here knows that small businesses are where most new jobs begin. And you know that while corporate profits have come roaring back, smaller companies haven’t. So for everyone who speaks so passionately about making life easier for “job creators,” this plan is for you.

Support for Obama’s Jobs Act has been non-existent.  Congresscritters have been running away from the bill faster than Occupiers from personal responsibility.

Why, if someone was a conspiracy buff, one might think that the Occupy movement was nothing but camouflage for the Administration…a misdirection play, if you will.

Nah, couldn’t be…could it?

Gentle Reader, have you been wondering where these Moms’ basement-dwellers have been getting the money for their exercise in futility?

There has been much speculation over who is financing the disparate protest, which has spread to cities across America and lasted nearly four weeks. One name that keeps coming up is investor George Soros, who in September debuted in the top 10 list of wealthiest Americans. Conservative critics contend the movement is a Trojan horse for a secret Soros agenda.

Soros and the protesters deny any connection. But Reuters did find indirect financial links between Soros and Adbusters, an anti-capitalist group in Canada which started the protests with an inventive marketing campaign aimed at sparking an Arab Spring type uprising against Wall Street. Moreover, Soros and the protesters share some ideological ground.

“I can understand their sentiment,” Soros told reporters last week at the United Nations about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, which are expected to spur solidarity marches globally on Saturday.

Pressed further for his views on the movement and the protesters, Soros refused to be drawn in. But conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh summed up the speculation when he told his listeners last week, “George Soros money is behind this.”

He’s not the only one, Rush. Gateway Pundit reported on 10/15/11 regarding this announcement from the Communist Party USA:

This is an exciting time! Thousands of mainly young people have been occupying Wall Street for three weeks already, and the “Occupy Movement” has spread to more than 200 other cities. On Oct. 6 the actions spread to our nation’s capital.

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) will hold a national teleconference to discuss it:

Arturo Cambron

The Communist Party and the Occupy L.A. Movement

Tuesday, October 11, 8 pm Eastern

Teleconference number: 605-475-4850 (please note this is the corrected number. ignore previous.)

Access code: 1053538#

Southern California Party leader Arturo Cambron will share how the CPUSA and Young Communist League (YCL) are working in “Occupy Los Angeles.”

This movement, also known as the “99% movement,” is being hailed across the country. Movements and organizations are reaching out in solidarity. The AFL-CIO is opening union halls and offering other material assistance. Ordinary people are donating food, money and materials.

In many areas, the “Occupy Movement” is linking up with the National American Wants to Work Week of Actions, Oct. 10-16.

No doubt the “Arab Spring” demonstrations and those that exploded in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere have inspired it. But underlying it all is the economic crisis, the massive unemployment and growing realization that nothing is getting better, and in fact we may be slipping into a “double dip” crisis. The crushing student debt and the feeling of being locked out of society with no future compound this.

The movement is the newest wrinkle in the all-people’s upsurge against the banks and corporations and reflects a new level of class-consciousness.

So, here we are, after the Thanksgiving Holiday, and the Occupiers are still around.  However, regardless of what Liberals will tell you, they are not making friends and influencing people:

If anything, the Occupy crowd’s efforts have backfired. A new survey (as of 11/17/11) by the liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling finds just 33% now support the Occupy movement, down from a month ago and lower than the 42% who say they support the Tea Party. And Gallup finds more identify themselves as conservative today than did so two years ago.

Personally, I find myself agreeing with Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who had the following advice for the Occupiers:

Go get a job right after you take a bath!

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  1. Kurt Epps says:

    Time to bust out those tried and true four-letter words…SOAP and WORK.