Sorbet for the Mind – Encore Video

At the end of a long day that more often than not involves wrestling with the demons of ignorance and the gremlins of stupidity, your mind is funky with an aftertaste of liberalism so fetid it would gag a barn fly and the last thing you want to ingest is another steaming pile of asshattery. What you need is a palate cleanser of sorts – and what better way to freshen the intellect, the heart and the spirit than with a generous scoop of Sorbet for the Mind.

While posting today’s press conference video to Youtube, I noticed that the video I created of Leigh-Ann Bellew teaching the U.S. Constitution was still categorized as “private” and realized in horror that the world has been deprived of this little gem. That situation has since been rectified. Enjoy and spread the word: Leigh-Ann is a magnificent teacher who, in my humble opinion, is the benchmark for those who seek to enlighten others in a classroom setting.

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3 Responses to Sorbet for the Mind – Encore Video

  1. lg1015 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of those classes.

  2. CJ FREEDOM says:

    Leigh-Ann did a fantastic job with our group as well. She is much appreciated!