Sorbet for the Mind

At the end of a long day that more often than not involves wrestling with the demons of ignorance and the gremlins of stupidity, your mind is funky with an aftertaste of liberalism so fetid it would gag a barn fly and the last thing you want to ingest is another steaming pile of asshattery. What you need is a palate cleanser of sorts – and what better way to freshen the intellect, the heart and the spirit than with a generous scoop of Sorbet for the Mind.

This skit from the first season of SNL still makes me laugh. Keep one thing in mind when you watch John Belushi use what appears to be a VERY sharp katana to slice a tomato in mid-air: in those days, SNL was broadcast live. There were no second chances or second takes. I can only imagine how many hours Belushi practiced with that sword to perfect the bit.

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One Response to Sorbet for the Mind

  1. There will never be another John Belushi. It’s a shame that his inner demons took him from us way too soon.