Sorbet for the Mind

At the end of a long day that more often than not involves wrestling with the demons of ignorance and the gremlins of stupidity, your mind is funky with an aftertaste of liberalism so fetid it would gag a barn fly and the last thing you want to ingest is another steaming pile of asshattery. What you need is a palate cleanser of sorts – and what better way to freshen the intellect, the heart and the spirit than with a generous scoop of Sorbet for the Mind.

Bernard McGuirk, executive producer of the Imus in the Morning show on WABC radio in New York, carefully followed Chaz Bono’s performance on Dancing With the Stars but was never impressed. He often said that, for all the glitter and hype, Bono still looked like Ralph Kramden doing the Hucklebuck. I wasn’t quite sure of what he meant until I actually watched the video (I almost never watch television and would sooner smash my fingers with a scallopini hammer than subject myself to Dancing With the Stars)

First, here’s a video of Chaz Bono:

Now for Ralph Kramden doing the Hucklebuck:

Geez…McGuirk was right.

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2 Responses to Sorbet for the Mind

  1. NeverGiveUp says:

    Ralph has much more style though.

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