Sometimes It Pays To Pick Up The Phone And Call

It’s amazing just how much egg-facial humiliation can be avoided if one simply picks up the phone and does ten minutes’ worth of research before posting a screed that ultimately bites him in the derriere. I’m referring to a certain Alinskyite pseudo-conservative who happened upon an allegedly revealing picture while scouring Bader Qarmout’s Facebook page for anything he could use to smear a good and decent man who had the temerity to challenge Joltin’ Joe Kyrillos in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate.

Once again, New Jersey witnesses yet another effusive demonstration of idiocy on the part of Rob Eichmann, GOP State Committee member and contributing blogger to the now discredited political website Conservative New Jersey.

First, the text:

We have all read of the various “hoodie protests” taking place across the country.  Various celebrities have also weighed in by tweeting the alleged address of the shooter to their twitter followers.  Others have been vocal in their call for justice.

I just can’t figure out what Bader Qarmout is doing in the picture below.  Is he mocking those that are calling for justice for Trayvon Martin?  Is he supporting the New Black Panthers call for street justice with the bounty they have put up?

Now for the photo:

Der Eichmeister must have scratched his head like a Bonobo encountering an iPad. But rather than call Mr. Qarmout or give him the courtesy of an exploratory e-mail, Rockin’ Robbo did a Saul Alinsky carpe ovum and ended up splattering egg on his own face.

Had he contacted Mr. Qarmout directly, he would learned the truth of the photo above: it was taken last Saturday at a non-campaign fundraiser held at a restaurant in Sussex County. The jacket is part of a ski resort package that was being auctioned off at the event for the benefit of a local Christian school.

Because Mr. Qarmout is the same size as the jacket, one of the members of the auction committee suggested that he model it for the crowd, which he did – even going so far as to pantomime a skier on the slopes. At one point he raised the hood to demonstrate how warm it will keep the head.

Not a single mention was made of Trayvon Martin or the unfortunate events that occurred in Sanford, FL and for Eichmann to infer as much is a new low even for him.

Some of the individuals who were present at the event – such as a commenter who identifies herself as Denise – testified as to what actually took place:

I know exactly what Bader is doing in this picture because I was at the event and am one of the organizers of it… It was a dinner/auction fundraiser for a school and he was modeling part of package 26 called “Ski Shawnee!” which included Everything you need for a day at the slopes: two lift tickets, a new ski jacket, a bag for your gear, and a $50 gift certificate to the store or restaurant at Shawnee Mountain. Implying that it has anything to do with the New Black Panthers is just ridiculous – grow up.

Insofar as anyone who registers to comment on CNJ must provide a valid e-mail address, it follows that Richard Zuendt – head honcho of the site – can easily contact “Denise” to verify her story. Will he seek the truth and get in touch with those who claimed to be there? I wouldn’t make book on it. I suspect he’ll curtsey to Eichmann’s destructive agenda and continue to enable the increasingly outrageous, outlandish and shamefully boorish antics of this embarrassment to both conservatism and the GOP.

Not to be outdone by reality, Der Eichmeister completely ignored the facts and doubled down on personal destruction:

Utterly ridiculous to not recognize exactly what was happening here. Simply amazing to take the death of a teenager and use it for fundraising – while appearing to give support to the New Black Panthers, or mocking those that want justice for Trayvon Martin.

Good grief…this is the kind of behavior we expect from liberals and radical leftists, not a self-professed conservative and this screed could have come straight from the pages of the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post – yet it can be found on the pages of a website that claims to dispense “Common Sense for the Garden State…And Beyond.”

With “conservatives” like Eichmann and “conservative” websites like CNJ, it’s no wonder the Conservative Movement in New Jersey is on life support. God help us all.

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3 Responses to Sometimes It Pays To Pick Up The Phone And Call

  1. HeleneH says:

    Eichmann had to travel a great distance from reality to come to those conclusions. For instance, a hoodie is a hooded sweatshirt not ski jacket.

    • TP109 says:


      travels…from reality

      are consistent with a condition consistent with a deteriorating ability to realize his own distortions and increasing isolation from real Conservatives. His only allies now are his dancing partner, the Dick at CNJ, and ?…..while members of the GOP State Committee are ready to celebrate his anticipated leaving.

  2. 1Prop says:

    Anyone who supports Kyrillos and Lance is the definition of a RINO. To claim otherwise demonstrates a detachment from reality. Eichmann and his buddy-boy Winkler are simply a couple of frauds who feed off of each other’s paranoia and delusions.