Simon’s Edge™ – Vol. 43

“Simon’s Edge,” an out-of-box and alternative collection of news link substantiated intelligence on the subjects of climate change, weather volatility, the light & dark side of advancing technology, financial investments, commodities, current or pending socio-economic crises, and health-related risks/natural medicine. Backed by science, intelligent theory and a plan, the goal of sharing these issues, ideas, potential “Black Swans” and insights contained herein is to help Bulldog Pundit readers gain an ‘edge’ in the onslaught of news from around the world.

Call it an epiphany on racking-up a few points in the section of widsom gained in the meaning of life.  I turn a young 43 on Mother’s Day (what a celebration THIS year), and instead of asking, ‘What am I going to get for my birthday this year?’ I wondered ‘How shall I give BACK?’

So, slightly different to our usual weekly subject delivery, I share with all of you my ‘Top 10 Ways For A Successful Professional (And Personal) Journey’.  Are you ready?

1. SPEND AT LEAST 30 MINS A DAY JUST THINKING – ‘Strategy sessions’ are productive and keep individuals / groups happy.

2. BE A NICHE – In the current business paradigm shift, it’s the new era of achievement.  Think biometeoelectromagnetics (maybe one day I will be known as the founding father of this tiny but important field that I am developing).

3. NO FEAR THINKING – Worry not about ‘sticking-out’ as a leader or out-of-the-box thinking.

4. CONNECT THE DOTS – 95% of what will likely happen is not currently ‘visible’.

5. COMMAND THE FLOW – Share generously, create a Vision Board, instruct the Universe of your desired path — what you want.

6. BE OPEN TO ANY POSSIBILITY – Welcome change.

7. FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION – In energetics, this is the future Self.

8. GET TO KNOW YOURSELF – Do a self-SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) and commit to learning.

9. INNOVATION IS KEY – Constantly develop new, even rogue ideas.

10. GOOD HEALTH BEFORE GOOD WORK – Wellness leads to joy.

Okay, so this may not have much to do with climate change, economics, natural health, advanced technology or many other fields that I usually cover, right?  But ahhhh wait, I think it does.  Whatever you get your hands into and your mind wrapped around, follow these 10 ‘chasms’ on YOUR journey, and reap the rewards that are just waiting for you to harvest.


About Dr. Simon Atkins

Dr. Simon Atkins, Ph.D. is Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Forecasting Corporation [AFC], a think-tank in planetary risk management and climate change hazard consulting for businesses and investors that are affected by natural-based perils and socio-economic complexities. Dr. Atkins founded AFCrisk, a customizable platform in global meteorological 24x7 predictions with client asset overlays. He has 25 years of experience providing strategic expertise in weather risk going out years in advance and advanced catastrophe modeling. With a wealth of knowledge gained from activities in 65 countries, he advises on vulnerability assessment “hotspots” for optimized security planning and business continuity.
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